How Wholesale Helps Small Businesses Grow

(gentle music) – For my business, B
to B is more lucrative for a couple of reasons. If I can sell my product
to an actual business that has foot traffic and
already-aligned customers, I can have repeat customers. When I sell to an individual, it’s usually a one-time purchase, even if you have multiple kids. Selling it to an actual
business and they buy 500 units, so they can continue to buy 500 units, ’cause they’ll have more
parents than I could ever see. The sales process for me
for business to business is a little bit longer,
but it is more lucrative. They order more in bulk
and I get more of a profit by working with them. Some of the boutique shops I work with are large boutique shops. Some of the shops are mom and pop shops. So, I needed to have a wholesale catalog that can accommodate all businesses, whether they only wanted to order 50 bags or order 500 bags. The bigger the business,
the more leeway they get, ’cause they’re more credible. The hospital, I work off of consignment, so they basically are
able to have the product without paying me until they
actually sell the product. Smaller mom and pop shops,
or smaller boutique shops, I make them pay for the inventory upfront, and then they have free reign on what they do with the product. (gentle music)

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