How to Use Your Own Wholesale Suppliers in Sku Grid

Sku Grid is pleased to announce that you can now … use your own suppliers, even if they are not added to … our supported suppliers list. This will be especially … beneficial to those who are using wholesale supplier … sources that can provide you with a CSV data feed link. In this video, we will show you how to add … items from any source with a CSV data feed link and set … sku grid up to be able to read their price and stock. This will allow you to track and reprice items from any … source with a data feed link. Different supplier sources update their data feeds at … different intervals. For instance, some may update their data feeds every hour, whereas others may update them once per day. Regardless of the supplier’s updating interval, Sku Grid will scrape your csv links once per day to refresh … your inventory within Sku Grid. To add an item from a CSV data feed link, click Add Single Item. Enter whatever information you want to use for reference. In the Supplier Link field, click the CSV Link Button. Click the Supplier Link Tab. Click Add New CSV Link. You will see a box that says Link to CSV file. In another tab of your browser, open up your supplier’s site to display where they are … showing you their data feed link. Right click on the link to the CSV data feed. Click Copy Link Address. Go back to the tab with Sku Grid and paste in that CSV … Link. Please note that the link to … your supplier’s CSV data feed should end in .csv as it … needs to be a direct download link to the file. Click Fetch. Enter a Name for this supplier. The next options will be used for mapping the fields on … your supplier’s csv link to fields used by sku grid. The only options that are required for repricing are the … SKU and Price options. All other fields are optional. For Sku, select which column header … on the supplier’s CSV is used for the product sku. For title, price, shipping, stock, and quantity, please select which supplier … column header name should match those fields. If the supplier does not use a specific option, then you can leave it blank. Note: The difference between stock … and quantity would be that stock would be the product’s … availability status such as In Stock, Out of Stock, Backordered, etc. and Quantity would be the … supplier’s quantity of the item in their inventory. Once you’re done mapping your fields, click Save. You will be redirected to the Supplier SKU tab where you … will be selecting the product sku that you’re adding to Sku Grid. Select your supplier from the drop down. Click Load. This will load all products from the supplier’s csv link … into a drop down list. You have ability to search for a supplier sku by typing in … the sku number or scrolling and selecting it from the drop down. Make the selection that matches your listed item. The supplier’s price and stock will be displayed to you … for verification. Note: When you see Stock=1, that means that the supplier … has the product in stock. Stock=0 would mean that … the item is currently out of stock at the supplier. Once done, click Save. You will return back to the Add Item Form. In the Supplier’s Item Link field, you’ll see that it says CSVFile and have a unique … identifying number there. It’s grayed out and if it ever … needs to be edited, you can do so by clicking the … Supplier CSV button again. Continue filling out the rest of the information to add your … item to Sku Grid. At a minimum, you should select your … Selling Marketplace And Enter your Marketplace Item Number for your actual listing. Then click Update Item Once your grid refreshes, you will see your supplier’s … price and stock shown on the grid. The Supplier Item column will not contain a clickable link … because you haven’t entered a direct supplier url. However, the store’s product sku is … shown. If you need to order your … items, you can simply go to your … supplier’s website and search for the store sku that … is shown. Then proceed to add your … item to cart and go to checkout. Going forward, if you need to add a … subsequent item from this same supplier’s CSV data … feed link, you can go through the steps … to add a new item again. Click the CSV Link button. On the Supplier Sku tab, select the supplier from the drop down. Click Load. Select your product sku and continue to fill in the … remaining information to add your next item. The Supplier’s CSV Data Feed Link only needs to be added once. Thanks for watching! We’ll see you in the next video.

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