How To Succeed In Sales

(heavy breathing) – Hi, Mr Prospect. Hi, Mr Prospect, how are you today, sir? Hey, Mr Prospect, how are you today, sir? (exhales) Okay. Okay, no sweaty palms. Oh my God, my mouth stinks. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I can do it! Yes I can do it! Yes I can do it! I am a champion. I am a champion. (exhales) (humming) Okay. How to succeed in sales. You see, when it comes to sales success, it has very little to do
with positive thinking. What you want, is positive outcome. You cannot go to the bank
and deposit positive thinking or your optimism. What you want is that commission check. So let me share with
you what I used to do, when I was a loser in
sales, and what I do today. Check this out. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I know what our company could do for you, it’s gonna be great, you’re gonna love it. So do you wanna sign up, like now? Oh. If positive thinking
doesn’t get the job done, then what do you need to succeed in sales? What you need is a game plan. You see, I don’t believe the power of positive thinking. What I do believe is the power of negative preparation. Imagine you’re going to a
fight, like martial art. You can go in thinking positively, thinking that you’re gonna win, thinking that, oh, I’m
not gonna get punched, I’m not gonna get knocked out. Well, you go in without training, without preparation, guess what? You get your ass kicked. In sales, it’s the same thing. I am shocked by walking into
different stores, right, different sales conversations, dealing with so-called
sales professionals, how unprepared they are. They do not ask the right questions, they don’t know how to
find out about my needs, my pain points, they
don’t know my hot buttons, they don’t know anything about me. They haven’t even done
their due diligence. They haven’t done their research, learning more about the prospect. It is ridiculous. So when I go in, I want
to be well prepared. Meaning, I want to have a
plan and the plan is this. A script. Some sort of script that
I rehearse ahead of time, going into a conversation. That I’m ready, I am prepared. Now you may be thinking,
but Dan, if I used a script, won’t I sound like a robot? Won’t I sound like, too mechanical? I’m not talking about those
telemarketer where, you know, they call you and you’re saying, like, “hey sir, how are you today? “Would you like to buy–” That’s not what I’m talking about. That is using a script all wrong. What a script is designed to do, is give you a game plan. Just like going to a fight, you study the opponent
ahead of time, right? You know what moves they’re gonna make. And you prepare yourself. You know what, that person,
he is a very strong kicker. Well let’s be ready on
how to counter that. That person’s a very strong puncher. Well, let’s deal with that. Let’s be well prepared. Another thing you wanna do is, you wanna have an
objection handling scripts, meaning that you have every
single possible objection that the prospect could throw at you, and you’re well prepared. You know, okay, they’re gonna have the price objection, got it. You know they’re gonna
have the budget objection. You know what, got it, I
know how to handle that. They’re gonna throw at you
the, I wanna think about it. You know what, I know how to handle that. They’re gonna throw at you,
well, but your competitors charge a lower price. Guess what, no problem, I
know how to handle that. You are well prepared. When you equip yourself
with something like this, and you go into a sale scenario, you’re not relying on positive thinking and hope that you’ll get the sale, and hope that the prospect likes you, and hope that you will walk
away with an agreement, with a deal. No, you know going in,
that’s what’s gonna happen. You’re walking in with
confidence and clarity. It’s not about relying on hope or luck. Oh today, you get lucky
and a good prospect will walk through the door. Hell no. Hell no. You know exactly what is gonna happen, and you know what the outcome is gonna be. So, get yourself ready. Let me show you how to close a deal. I can appreciate that, and
I know that our competitors charge a little bit less, right. They’re always discounting their services. Why do you think they always
discount their services? See, at the end of the
day I think the question is not so much about the price, it’s about the value isn’t it, right? If it doesn’t work, I
mean, I always believe, I’m a business man just
like yourself, right. No fee is too high for success and almost any fee is
too high for failure. What we wanna do is make sure that we produce results for you. I want to be a revenue generator,
a profit setter for you, not an expense, does that make sense? So do we have a deal? (cash register dings)
♪ Hey ♪ So, if you want to know
my perfect closing script and if you want to stop losing sales, click link below and I wanna give you the perfect closing script
that took me almost a decade to develop, so then you
go into any sale scenario, any situation, you’re well prepared so you don’t have to count on, and rely on positive thinking. You go in well prepared,
and you close sales. So go ahead, click the link, and get the perfect closing script today.

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