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Hey there savvy home buyers and home sellers this is Jeff O’Leary – The Village Guru Mississauga Real Estate Broker and in today’s episode I’m going to go over Six Tips to sell your house fast! Now whether you’re in a good market or a bad market… it really doesn’t matter all these tips are critical to get you the most money from the sale of your house so without further adieu… let’s get into it! So as a home seller there’s a lot of
things about the home selling process that you really don’t have a lot of control over the most important being the real estate market. Listen, we can’t control what interest rates are like or how the market’s doing however as sellers we can control a lot of things within our home and that’s what I’m going to talk about today 6 tips on how to sell your house quickly and for the most money. So starting off with #1 – Get yourself Organized. If I’m selling my house, the first thing I’m going to do is start to pare down what I have in my house because let’s face it we all have a lot of ‘stuff’ and the longer we’ve lived in the house the more ‘stuff’ we have. What I’d recommend is going through room by room and finding things that you don’t use. If you haven’t used it for over a year then get it in a storage sell it, or give it away basically on any normal house you’re going to have to cut down about 50% of the ‘stuff’ you have you’re there to live sparsely and show off your house to buyers. So make sure to get organized and decluttered. One tip that I do is when we come up with a plan we put sticky notes in all the rooms with notes on what you need to do in that room. Also make sure to label any boxes put them all in one spot and slowly but surely you’re going to get organized. Now I do recommend for organization you start this process early. If you want to sell a house next week and you haven’t even started it’s going to be crazy, if you can get it done at all so if you know you’re moving start this process well in advance pick one weekend focus on closets maybe pick a weekend to do the garage over a couple of months you’ll realize slow and steady wins the race and it’s not that stressful. So number 1 – get organized! Tip #2 – Make Repairs! Guys, if you’ve lived in a house for a long time we all know the little things that we
haven’t got to that need to be repaired maybe you have a leaky faucet or a cracked
tile maybe some nicks in the walls buyers are super picky take this time now to go through the home and fix up everything that needs repair. If you need some help hire a handyman. Overall, buyers make decisions emotionally so when they see things that need work in their head they’re thinking, “well if that needs work what else needs to be done” so don’t leave any thought or questions to the buyers fix everything and get it in tip-top shape! Tip #3 – Get a Pre-Inspection. This happens when you hire the home
inspector yourself they come through and do a report for you and identify any issues with the home. I always say it’s better to find out ahead of time than to find out when the buyer does their home inspection and you have no leverage in
the situation. See in a slower or balanced market almost always, buyers are going buy your house with condition on home inspection. Now when they go through the home and they don’t like something they’re gonna come back to you and
either ask you to fix it, or give them money or even worse, they may walk away from the deal. Now the problem is other buyers and their agents are going see that the house was sold and then the deal fell through it’s just not a good situation to be in it’s better once you sell that home to finish the deal and move on with your life. So when a home inspector goes through you have a couple of choices Number one, you could go through and fix all the problems and be confident that your house is in tip-top shape or you can price it accordingly. So if you know that the furnace, the air conditioner and the roof the roof they’re all going need to go in five years maybe you reduce the price just a bit
and you let the buyers know that “Hey, we know about this and the house is
priced accordingly.” Whatever it is, having that knowledge ahead of time is going to put you in the driver’s seat when it when it comes to negotiation. Step #4 – Get your house Home Staged! I can’t emphasize it enough home staging works on average houses sell from 3-5% more than non-staged houses and on top of it they sell way faster which means less stress to you. Now I always offer home staging as part of my services to my seller clients and I think it’s really important because it’s good to have a second opinion when looking at your home. Listen, I know there’s a lot of you out there that have great-looking houses and you’re good at decorating and you like to do it but this is not the time. In fact, decorate your new house but have a second opinion because they’re going to look at the house in a different light more like how buyers are going to see
it. Now with home staging it’s really all about making your house look as big as possible and as bright as possible and focusing buyers attention on the
positive aspects of your home while at the same time kind of de-emphasizing the negatives, which every home has. All I can say is get home staging and do it and on top of it do it first thing have the Home Staging consult ahead of time that way you have a few weeks to work on it and get the house prepared for sale. Step #5 to sell your house quickly get top-notch professional
photography. I can’t emphasize enough… that home buyers 99% of them are online looking at houses. A lot of buyers I work with they won’t even see an ugly house or a house with bad photos even if I know the house is nice on the inside even if I know they’re gonna get a deal they’re really picky. So listen, serve it up to them it’s all about marketing guys and creating a feeling and having professional photos and videos gives your agent the chance to market the house in as many avenues as possible. Step #6 The most important tip to sell your house fast in any market is to price it properly. Now a lot of people will
believe that pricing their house high and negotiating down is the best way to go but I’m going to argue it doesn’t work. I can show you hundreds of examples where sellers either price their house at market value or slightly below and they create bidding wars and they end up getting more money than they wanted. The problem is that if you price your house too high buyers… they’re just not in the
mood to negotiate. I mean if your house is worth 700k and you’re asking 770k hoping to meet in the middle at 725k that’s not how it works. Most agents and buyers, especially in a balanced market will just move on and find the house that’s properly priced because let’s face it, we’re not
haggling culture here in Canada. People are used to paying sticker price sure they might negotiate a little bit but the belief is if you’re asking that much
that’s what you want so most buyers won’t even bother. So I’m giving you the answer as to why I don’t recommend you over pricing your house. So there you have it I hope you enjoyed my six tips on selling your house in any
market as fast as possible. If you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends. Thanks for watching and we’ll
see you soon!

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