How To Sell To a Competitive Market?

This is a straightforward guide to dealing with competition. Basically – how are you different from X? How to answer that question? I’ll show you in this slide deck. This is actually gonna be super straightforward. I hope you’re ready. I’m Alex Berman from Experiment 27. Let’s jump into it. So any service business is going to have a bunch of competition because it’s very easy to say that you do services. It’s very easy for me to go on AngelList and cold email people that are looking for iOS developers and say that I develop iOS. Right? There’s nobody that’s gonna check that, at least not for a little while. So anyone, especially if I do iOS, if I actually do it, any services business is just so easy to jump into. So there’s a ton of competition. So here’s how to deal with that competition and the takeaways you can use when trying to sell into an ultra competitive market. So distracted by this Nicholas Cage GIF right now. Ok. So the first thing you want to do is make a list of competitors that come up often. So your sales guys have to know the difference between you and those firms. If you take a bunch of calls and you are always hearing the same names. These are the ones you want to pay attention to. So when I was at Inspire Beats one that came up on almost every call was Lead Genius so I became a master at Lead Genius. I had to learn all about that. At Dom&Tom people would mention Fueled. At Fueled people mentioned Huge or Fuzz. These are all agency names in New York City. So who are your biggest competitors? And train your sales guys and train yourself on the biggest differences between you and those firms. The way to quickly come up with this list is to think about it, actually. You know most your competitors are. You can also find them on tools or you can also find them on google. So come up with as many competitors as you can and the tools that let customers do what you do themselves. If you’re in mobile app development I would search app developers and then your city to find a bunch. Especially, here in the US or Canada or UK or Australia. Search app developers Sydney or app developers New York or aap developers Boston. The ones on the first two pages of Google are your biggest competitors. Those are the ones that you need to learn as much about as possible. And then also if you’re in web development learn about Leadpages, learn about Unbounce, learn about Wix or Squarespace. Learn about the tools that would let people build a website or mobile app by themselves and why you guys are better. And if you’re not better I’ll get to that in a little bit. I’ll show you what to do if you’re not better. So find out how you’re better than these guys. And then the second thing is in order to find that out buy or demo competitor products. If you’re in mobile app development. Let’s say you work for Fueled. Pretend to have a mobile app and go talk to a sales guy from Fuzz. See how they sell you. Go talk to a sales guy from Razorfish or R/GA, like one of the larger ones, and see what that sales process looks like. Is that morally and ethically okay? I don’t know. Is it? Ask yourself. If it doesn’t match with the way you want to live your life don’t do it. I’m just telling you what what actually works here. So what if after all this research you realize that everyone does it better than you? Well, the final thing is improve your service or product. And there’s two ways to do that. One is taking the time to figure out what you can add to get customers more interested. For us, Experiment27, I don’t think I’ve talked about this on the YouTube channel, but we actually started as a content marketing company. So we would only write blog posts and it was like a clone of It was two hundred dollars for a blog post and we were selling these and we were all kind of feeling bad about it because how much ROI is one blog post really going to give you if you’re not buying in bulk and it’s not part of like a strategy. So we had to take the time to talk to our customers about why they weren’t buying. And also talk to the customers that did buy about what value we could deliver to them outside of that. And that’s how we pivoted into more marketing services. If that’s not the case. If you can’t get better or if there’s too much competition. For instance, app development for software-as-a-service startups I think it’s totally flooded. Or web development for small businesses I think is completely flooded. Also marketing for small businesses is totally funded. So the second thing you want to do is find a new market that hasn’t heard of you. For instance, we do marketing for mobile app development companies. There are a bunch of agencies out there that do marketing for B2B. I haven’t found a single one that only does marketing for mobile app development, UX/UI, design, branding, advertising agencies. Only does that. So in this market we’re the only people that know what we’re doing. Another B2B agency can come in and say hey we marketed like this professional services firm, like this accounting firm, but I can always come back and argue. Okay, they’ve done accounting, but do they specialize in mobile app development. And that wins every time. So find a new market that hasn’t heard of you. Basically, niche marketing. Should you move from marketing for everyone to marketing for dentists, for instance, or just for fast food restaurant franchisee owners. There’s million dollar businesses in all of those and that’s the solution if you can’t improve your product and take on the entire market or you can improve your product and dominate the one niche that you’re in. That’s how to do it. If you liked this video feel free to like it to encourage this type of content on YouTube. Subscribe to this channel for more B2B sales training and if you need help marketing your digital agency – you know who to call. Check out !! Thanks! 🙂

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