How to refund purchases made on iTunes or the App Store

Hey, it’s iPugsieHD here and in today’s video I’ll be showing you how to refund any purchase you’ve made on your iOS device whether this be accidental or done intentionally but you’re not really that satisfied with that purchase.
If you didn’t know iOS is the name of the software that iPad iPhone and iPod’s run.

So first of all you want to head to or use the link that I provided down in the description to get there easier without having to type it and once you have arrived at the website I sent you to you should be prompted with a login screen.

Here you want to login with there’s normal logins you use for either Apple, or the App Store and even iMessage and once you’ve logged in you should be on the screen that I am on right now. From here you can either search for that purchase or you can scroll down to find it.
Please note if you made the purchase and say 20 minutes after that purchase you want to refund it, it might not be there. So refreshing the page could help. Once you have found purchase that you want to refund you can either select a reasoning that matches your situation or if you just want a refund regardless, you want to put ‘I would like to cancel this purchase’. Now please note if the purchase is not within the 14 days (of purchase), then you cannot cancel the purchase . On some occasions, you might be able to. Now please don’t abuse this by, for say, going to buy 10 items and just refunding them all because of the sake of it, because it does cost people time and money. I hope you did find this helpful, if you are having any problems, please leave a comment down below, and I will respond as quick as I can. But if you did enjoy the video and found it helpful for your purchases do check out my other social medias as well as leaving a like so others can you know see this video and if they are potentially having the same problem they can fix this by refunding the accidental purchase or refunding something they don’t really like. Anyways, thank you for watching and this iPugsieHD, signing out

100 comments on “How to refund purchases made on iTunes or the App Store

  1. IPugsieHd, I refunded something on a game, and it says about 5 to 7 days. But when it’s been 5 to 7 days, what do I do? Does it goes to my account or do I go to that website and claim it? Please reply?

  2. Hey is there like a limit to these because I had like 6 games off the bat I wanted to refund so badly and did it there is another one but it is saying that it doesn’t match the conditions to be refund pls help me I really want my money back:(

  3. Hey, I accidentally bought 2 items in an app, before realising I dont have enough money on my debit card. So i followed the tutorial and cancelled both the purchases, I also removed my debit card off the app store. I phoned the bank and they said I can’t go into overdraft and my card will just be declined. The purchases I cancelled were ‘pending’. How can I tell if the purchases were successfully cancelled and is there anyway to remove the in app items because I wouldn't want to unfairly obtain them.

    Thanks for the Tutorial

  4. I was sent an email that I received $3.21 to my iTunes account but I didn’t receive anything. Any way to fix that?

  5. No it says that the request doesnt meet the conditions for a refund I really want a refund please help me with it plus the supportapple site doesn’t work

  6. I hate fucking Apple I tried everything and they don’t give a shit like I want to die I’m stressing out and crying I lost like $60 fuck u Apple I hope u die soon

  7. Thank you u are my life saviour plus even some game purchases which I have used to buy stuff in the game was refunded:0 thank you

  8. Thank you God bless you plus the game purchases like say robux from Roblox I used them up but they still refunded it yes 😊

  9. What if we do it over and over again??

    Will we get banned?? Are the employees different every time (who replies to our message)

    How much maximum dollars can they refund??

    What if we refund an app and never delete it??

  10. How do i get refund on a pending purchase

    So I check my account from Wells Fargo and it says Purchase apple Tunes. But when I check my itunes account it says pending which is weird because I only sign up for a free month trial and then still took away $10 from my wells Fargo account.

  11. So when do I get my money back? I did everything. I went to the apple store, sent out an email to apple and the app and reported the problem. Will I still be able to get all the money back. If so, how long will it take? ❤️

  12. Pls help me I refunded some items but after 2-3 days they are now saying it can’t be refunded or it doesn’t meet the conditions for a purchase I really want a refund this time can u help me with this

  13. NUUUUUUHhhjxjmdjxjxkc
    Oml I just bought a video star multilayer pack and … I can’t seem to refund it mhdlhzlxjxm I I wanted to get the other one . I tried to refund but it said. “ In app purchase “ and has not gone of my mums card it went of my AUNTYS CARD :((

  14. Thanks man I bought an app and was ripped off so thanks and now I got my money back bought a better app U GOT A NEW SUB 👍🏻

  15. If anyone ever got this because of pics art I failed doing it on the apple site but I got a refund by just Emailing the itunes store

  16. Bruh this fucker from picart said that that my purchase doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund… i bought $60 shit by accident and they tell me this bs what should i dooo

  17. My 5k got deducted saying iTunes. I was not aware of this. Subscription got renewed it seems. Please help me out. It’s happened today it self 😭

  18. OMG! I accidentally bought Reports+ and not able to refund it. Help me!! I’ve visited the link that you have provided in the description but it isn’t working. It says “we have determined that your purchase doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund” even after choosing the option I’ld like a refund and providing that it was an accident information in the description.

  19. I didn’t get my money back from a movie i brought , i received a message saying it was refunded but I didn’t get my money back. Can anyone help me ?

  20. I nearly brought a £99add on to a app I didn’t really like I got so scared I called iOS service begging them to refund it eventually they told me I didn’t even buy anything so I just hung up 😶😶

  21. I went to the website and I refunded it but I don’t have my moms back and I still have the song and each time I go to the website it’s saying I refund it what do I do?

  22. Basically viruses were coming in and I needed an app to protect me from them. I downloaded it and I needed a subscription since I have the touch thing it automatically signed up for it when I tried clicking off. Now if I refund it will the viruses come back?

  23. Hello, can you help me how to fix “pending” problem? I made an in-game purchased but it wouldn’t show up and I realized that apple didn’t send their invoice, so I checked my purchase history, it said “pending” please help me fix this problem

  24. i purchased ME walking app $129.00 by mistake and apple told me i cant get a refund …can you give some idea how i can get my refund

  25. it was not working with this video ,, because i didn't get that options , ,, mybe work with someone ,, but i can suggest you can directly go to apple support and chat with them they'll assist you ,,, i got my money back 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

  26. I purchased minecraft and accidentally deleted it and i refunded it but my cousin(hes 2 years old) he bout a 5 euro pack in game and when i try to refund it,it says i dont have the requirements to do it please respond if u can…

  27. OMG TYSM cause when I was playing ROBLOX with my cousin she said I was able to buy a plane to fly in and I was able to buy it with game money not robux so I didn’t have enough time to wait so I just bought robux so I could buy the money game but then when I tried to purchase the plane it said I was only able to do it on robux then I bought more robux then I bought the plane and it was pretty useless and I cried that since I wasted about lots of money

  28. It won’t work :/ I literally tried everything but I can’t get my money back. I accidentally bought Videostar pro mulitiebene and I don’t know what to do with it.
    I really want my money back cuz my dad will burn my ass 💀

  29. Hello! I want to cancel it when I make a purchase from itunes and app story from Mongolia. Please help me to learn English without difficulties.

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