How to Master Selling on the Phone (AND START MAKING MONEY)

service-based business owners listen up
because no matter how far our businesses go in the online space when people are
making multi-thousand dollar investments in a product service or program they
want human touch they want customization and they want to know that there’s a
real person behind them in the buying process if you want to consistently
close more prospects over the phone or maybe have your team do it for you watch
this entire video because by the end you’re gonna have multiple super
strategies that you can use right away to get higher conversion rates over the
phone and make more sales faster watch this video until the end
because I’m gonna offer you the opportunity to grab your copy of the
do’s and don’ts guide to selling on the fly that you can print out keep next to
your phone or on your desk and it’s gonna help you get a better result every
time you get a prospect on the phone my name is Kellie roach business growth
coach and I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world to
make six and seven figure leaps in their business with the strategies I teach
including the one that you are about to learn today okay so let’s dive into the
super strategies that I promise that are gonna help you to get those conversions
where after over the phone so number one drop the pitch and make it about them
that’s right the biggest thing I hear from entrepreneurs when they’re about to
get on the phone with the prospect is what do I say how’s my pitch can I
practice exactly how I’m going to sell my program and what I tell them over and
over again is that it’s not going to be your pitch that determines whether or
not this person buys from you it’s really gonna be how well do you listen
acknowledge and explore them their situation their concerns and are you
able to translate your offer to be a custom solution for them and that brings
us to step number two which is if you want someone to buy from you you cannot
give them a canned offer that is an across-the-board solution that you’ve
put in front of twenty other people before them even if they’re coming to
you for the same problem being solved as the last fifteen people that you talk to
don’t put a template and offer in front of someone that you just heard their
custom situation their problems what they need help with when you then go
back and put an offer in front of them that’s either a blanket statement or a
template a boilerplate of an offer all it screams to them is you don’t listen
and you don’t care I just had this happen to me in the buying process for
selecting a new website designer forgiver courage my other company and I
can tell you I was immediately turned off and we went with a different service
provider and this happens all the time so number one drop the pitch because
it’s not about you anyway focus on listening number two customize customize
customize what does that mean it means listen and explore where they are in
their process and exactly where you need to meet them in order to help them cross
the bridge the solution that they want when you reiterate back to them which is
step number three there are hot buttons there biggest ones and needs and their
criteria for buying it should be specific and if you don’t close on the
spot over the phone and you use a proposal process in order to close
clients this is even more important for you so number three number three I want
you to focus on reiterating back to them the top three concerns that they have
right now the top three things that are stressing them out frustrating or
overwhelming them that made them decided to talk to you in the first place what
are the problems that they want to solve why is it urgent to them and what is it
going to take to get them to buy you can ask someone directly you know what
exactly is going into your decision on who you’re gonna work with to solve this
problem what is most important to you when you make a selection on someone to
work with on this and when you do that you create a breakthrough in their mind
because no one else is asking these questions you automatically position
yourself as caring more but also being more knowledgeable and being able to
provide a better more custom solution that meets their needs not just a
boilerplate or a overarching set of processes that may or may not meet them
where they are in the process so my question for you now is which of these
three are you gonna get started on right away which one of you maybe been missing
in your phone calls is it they’re dropping the pitch and focusing on
listening is it reiterating back their top three wants and needs and asking
those tough questions about what they’re buying criteria is gonna be and what’s
gonna go into their process to buy you know or is it customizing your proposal
or your proposition to meet them where they are and take what you offer and
translating it to meet exactly where they are in the process to help them
take that next step comment below and let me know a 1 2 or a
3 or maybe all three if you know these are things you haven’t been doing or
your team hasn’t been doing that you want to get them started on right away
alright so now you have strategies that are going to help you move
through the process and actually get the person that’s on the phone with you to
really believe that you are the person that they should choose to work with you
are the person that can solve their problems you are the person that cares
so now let’s bring it all full circle you’ve connected with your customer on
an emotional level they know that you can help them and now the question of
price comes in so now I want to give you three rubber meets the road strategies
to deal with pricing objections that are gonna help you get this ball across the
finish line for a touchdown okay here we go number one before you give the price
make sure you share multiple client success stories of people that have been
in their shoes have the same problem that they’ve had and how you help them
to get the result that this person is after so you have to build up your
reputation in their mind and make it very forefront for them about how other
people are getting these results and other people are having success in these
areas and that you’re the person that can help them to do the same thing okay
that’s number one number two remember that you have to bring them back to
their pain before you go into price P before P pain before price so before you
jump into a conversation about how much it’s gonna cost to solve this problem
make sure you go back to well why is it important for them to solve this problem
anyway how long is this problem persisted what has it cost them what
does it prevented them from doing being enjoying experiencing bring them back to
the Y and then finally to hit the nail on the head and get this prospect to
become a paying customer you need to sell the result and quantify the value y
is what you’re charging nothing in comparison to the value that they’re
gonna get when they have that solution in hand you have to make the connection
between the price that they’re paying and the value that they’re getting so
that they are no longer focused on the price but they are focused on the
outcome so now my question for you is which of these three rubber meets the
road strategies are you gonna use starting today to help you get better
conversions over the phone are you going to
sell the value and show them quantifying what the result is worth are you gonna
bring them back to the pain before you talk about the price or are you going to
share those customer success stories and testimonials so that they can start
emotionally and visually beginning to see themselves in the shoes of that
person that’s already getting the result tell me below in the comments which of
these three things you’re gonna get started with right away
okay so let’s wrap it all up with a bow I’ve created a do’s and don’ts guide for
you to use while you’re on the phone with prospects so that you can get the
results that you want and deserve and increase the return on investment for
the time you’re spending on the phone with customers click the link below to
get your do’s and don’ts guide right away and let’s get started making that
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  1. Love the tips of price — definitely need to add customer success stories to my sales calls. Great idea! Also love "sell the result and quanitify the value"

  2. This is SUCH great advice. I always get so nervous to sell over the phone. What's your tips for cold calling? Or would you recommend email with some opportunities which leads to a call?

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