How To Make & Sell Printables And Instant Downloads For Etsy

hey guys Alicia here we’re I’m all about
making passive and supplemental income in addition to your day job today we’re
going to be talking about digital products that you can sell on Etsy the
possibilities are endless so this is going to be one of several videos that
I’m going to be doing on this the best thing you know that I think about
digital products especially since I do have a full-time job is you create a
product once and you can sell it several times I mean you can put on there that
you have 999 available and sell the same product over and over again so that’s
why I love digital products where it’s an instant download so I hope you stay
tuned to future videos you know that I’m going to be putting out because I’m
going to go through this step-by-step today is just going to be a brief
introduction and I’m gonna do something very simple so if you whatever program
you like to use Adobe Illustrator Photoshop whatever it is you’d like to
use to create products I technically like this it’s called a picky calm and I
will leave a link to this site in the description below by the way pick monk
PicMonkey is no longer free so this I’ve never even used PicMonkey I’ve always
used Photoshop you know or illustrator but I am finding that I’m liking this
site right here because it’s just so user friendly you know and it’s just a
lot less steps and when you’re a full-time working single mom you know it
just makes things a little bit easier and it is completely free so let’s jump
right into it and once again this is just going to be very simple so right
here we’re in I pick II the main page we have the option to edit a photo make a
collage or create a design so we want to click create a design and
this is where our template is going to be it always defaults to it’s always
gonna it’s loading hang on just a second it always defaults to this like square
template like right like this so is what we want to do is to create our size so
for today I’m actually going to be creating an 8 by 10 so right here you’re
gonna go up here and click new and by the way this site has just about all the
features that PicMonkey head and it’s absolutely free so right here you can
choose your canvas color you know you can move this around and pick whatever
color you would like for my design I’m not going to change the canvas color I
am however going to change this to an 8 by 10 and then I’m going to click create
so here is our blank 8 by 10 white canvas that we’re going to create on so
I’m gonna make something super simple just to kind of show you you can get as
creative with this as you want so this is just how you can easily do this so
over here I’m gonna go into add a photo and I am really loving these watercolors
they seem to be in style right now and you can purchase these these are called
like watercolor blobs you can purchase these right on Etsy or you can get them
on creative market you know there’s lots of places you can get them so obviously
this is not big enough for our design so we’re going to make it thicker ok
so this is just a little bit too dark for what I’m wanting to do so I’m gonna
go over here and use the Save button and I’m just gonna fade it just a little bit
okay now we’re gonna add our text and I’m gonna kind of target women
entrepreneurs here so I’m just gonna put on here girl it’s gonna say girl boss
and we want to change our font and like I said the possibilities are endless and
you can use whatever you like so I’m going to click this I’m gonna bold it
one of the problems that I do have with this site and some of the fonts that
I’ve downloaded is that when you go like this it’s going to go back to the same
size if you just go over here and you stretch it from side to side and then
you want to stretch it down there you go okay so now we’re gonna add our text
again and the reason that I didn’t type it all in one is because then it would
have put these too close together and that’s not what I want so I’m going to
go ahead and add text girl boss and I did bold that um you know and you
can also change the color of this text if you want I actually kind of like this
block just for this design okay so once again this is not gonna let me make this
any bigger so I’m just gonna have to stretch from side to side I don’t know
why it does that but the way I look at it is you can work around almost
anything okay so here is our design and I think
now I don’t even I think that’s just a little bit too big you okay so here is our design the next step
that we want to do is that when you go to upload this to Etsy you want your
thumbnail to be attractive you don’t want somebody to just see this you want
it you want it to be where it’s in a frame because people want to see what
it’s going to look like inside of a frame so that’s going to be our next
step right now I’m going to go ahead and save this okay so I saved it to my computer and
now we’re going to go back into a pickie and this time we’re going to select
something different we’re going to select edit a photo and then you click on your photo library
here and I’m actually going to use this template you can also get these on
creative market or you can buy these directly on Etsy these are frame
mock-ups and is what you want to do is to put your image you know in here so
that people can see what it’s going to look like inside of a frame or you know
in and even on the wall and that’s what this kind of looks like say if you just
want to make it look a little bit better so we’re going to click right here where
it says designer add text stickers images this is basically our layering
tool so we’re going to click over here and this is going to be where I actually
add the design so it’s going to click add photo and I’m gonna just drag it
over here so is what we want to do is we want to fit this inside here and by the way this is an 8 by 10 frame
that I got I have several different sizes that I purchased on these four
mock-ups and just make sure that it’s in there really good so there we have it
one thing I want to mention is that you always want to to watermark your images
and that is going to be a another video that I will do I’ll show you how to
easily add a watermark you know over your photos and I actually have three
different Etsy shops and they are all niched down to certain things that I
like to do so but I’m really getting into these digital downloads and really
loving it so these are printables you know people can just it’s an instant
download and there’s nothing more satisfying than sitting at work and I
get an alert that you know I just made a sale and I didn’t have to do anything
you know it’s an instant download and that’s what’s so great about it if you
like this video please subscribe to my channel and also hit the bell
notification because I’m going to be adding a lot more videos about you know
Etsy and making a passive income in addition to your day job you know and
also if you have any question questions please feel free to leave them in the
comment section below and I appreciate it thanks for watching and everyone have
a great day

50 comments on “How To Make & Sell Printables And Instant Downloads For Etsy

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