How To Make Money Selling T-Shirts Online

I’m going to be showing you how to make
money selling t-shirts, online? Now this is a really cool little subset of
affiliate marketing that a lot of people have been making a lot of money wit.h Now,
I’ve been an affiliate marketer since 2009. In the last few years, I’ve been
making millions of dollars per year. It’s been really exciting and being able with
with zero employees and I’ll be showing you right here on my computer how you
can be an affiliate marketer for t-shirts and have a lot of fun with it.
Let’s check it out. So to get started selling t-shirts
online, I’m first going to go over the main places where you can find products to
sell and then I’m going to go over a few examples of advertisements that you can
set up on Facebook to sell very specific t-shirts. So the sites that people are
using to sell products is gear bubble which allows you to access their
marketplace and create products for really anything, you know. They have a whole platform or you could use Teespring. So Teepring is a really
easy marketplace where you can create t-shirts and sell them to other people.
So how to spring works is you create a product, you’ll find a t-shirt or a
sweater or a sock or whatever type of product it is you want and you’ll find
an image that you’ll want to put on it. You can find whatever image you want on
the internet and you can create a t-shirt around or some other clothing
item around that product. Then what you do is you you advertise it somewhere and
I’ll show you examples of advertisements but you can advertise it somewhere and
make money, okay? Collect those profits, okay? What’s great about this is Teespring
handles you know they fulfill the orders, they fulfill the customer service
and they try to help you make sales of that product. It’s a really easy way to
make money and essentially what you’re doing is you’re creating interesting
designs that people would want to purchase. Now let’s get into the
specifics though. So here’s an example the blog app engineer where he shows
3 successful e-commerce Facebook ads that are killing it and this is
specifically for t-shirts using Teespring.
So what you’ll see is here’s a little logo of a cartoon character and it says,
“I don’t feel like being an adult today”. Okay and here’s another
interesting… So here’s a sweater that says, “Stark winter is coming.”
Now what I’m supposing this is referring to is House Stark of Game of Thrones. Now,
let’s check this out. Here’s another example of print-on-demand, okay? That’s
what teespring and gear bubble are is they’re print on demand. Essentially you
are creating interesting designs or logos that people want to purchase and
then you are marketing it. So here’s Batman. Here Batman rings. So as you see
these are some pretty cool looking rings with the Batman logo on that. Now, what
you would do if you were advertising this is you would advertise these
products you just created on Facebook. You would target fans of Batman pretty
obvious right and what’s great about print-on-demand items, it’s so easy to
figure out what sort of products to create and how to target people. So if I
was targeting fans of Superman, I would create maybe a Superman ring or if I was
targeting you know fans of Lord of the Rings, I might create a shirt that is
about Lord of the Rings. The possibilities are endless and the
targeting and the ideas are very easy to come up with. Now look at this, look at
this ad. This is a good… This is a affiliate ad right here. Let’s read it.
One last chance to grab these hot Batman rings, free. Just pay the shipping and
tell us where to send it. Get yours here. Tag a loyal Batman fan that will love
these amazing items, okay? Here’s another advertisement. A sweater that was created
for Game of Thrones fans and again, it’s you know somebody created a Facebook
page, the affiliate created a Facebook page that says Game of Thrones online
store, okay? Really smart here. They created a sweater,
straight up targeting Game of Thrones fans. Wow! Amazing.
So like and share a tag a friend if you want one. Game of Thrones, House Stark
super warm soft hoodie. Shipping world free, worldwide. Great, great targeting.
Great angle, great ad. And now here is a example of an ad for DP fans. Now, I don’t
know who DP is but I’m assuming he is this little character right here. Now
I don’t personally know… Again, I don’t know what this is about but I’m assuming
that his line, I don’t feel like being an adult today has something to do
with the cartoon character and fans would immediately recognize both
the the cartoon character as well as the line that’s on the sweater. So this is a
great option. This is a great way to advertise because fans will say, “Oh
that’s awesome, I want to have that sweater. And you can make money by being
an affiliate for these print-on-demand companies. So hope that explains to you
how to make money selling t-shirt the way it’s generated is you just put up a
logo on them and you market them and you make money. Now if you’re looking to get
more deeper into you know copywriting and being able to find ad angles, you can
actually go to my channel homepage and you can find a free course on called the
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  1. This one is good as long you are creative and full of imagination. You can create designs and sell it. Good marketing is necessary of course.

  2. Be careful with trademarks , you can’t just copy something like the batman logo and put that up on print on demand products , you can get sued for doing that . Yes I have experience with that issue , been there and got the T-shirt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Can you really make apparel with things from the DC or Marvel Universe? Or GOT? Seems like there would be some kind of merchandising or license infringement there…… Does anybody know the rules or laws on this?

  4. But John all this images and logo are copyright Β© by specific owner, if you do this, do at your own risk.

    Cause i am one of them, who did this.

    Yoh profit will be great, but with great profit it come with a great risk. As well.

  5. Good info but I wouldn't be using trademarked images/characters. Trust me, it's not worth the headaches.

  6. man awesome video.. btw ever heard of deadpool…the little cartoon character you're refering to is deadpool

  7. Hi John, more videos of T-Shirts (etc) will be very good and cool !! If you want to – you have been to SO many places in the world, maybe you can make a type of informal "Crestani-brand" of some things standing out for you, eg. place, activity, event, etc. OR how about what I mentioned hey & zooming into 1 or more standout features for EACH Country you visited ……or per Continent might be better for you right wrt amount of goods you will then have to make .You better start working right – LOTS of work for you to do, hahaha πŸ™‚

  8. Is this worldwide. Next time you make a video, first of all plz mention weather it is worldwide or not πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ˜‡πŸ€—

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