How to import & fulfil orders from dhgate to shopify

To import products from Dhgate
using Importify, first visit Dhgate website. Find a product you want to
sell and visit the product page URL. Click the red Add button. The Importify
editor will open up for you. You can change the title, description and the price. You can link it to specific collection And finally click the ” add product”. Wait till you get a confirmation message that
the product was added successfully and use one of the three options to check your product. If you are subscribed to the Importify
gold plan, you have the ability to use the semi-automatic fulfillment for Dhgate as well. Once you get a new order, go to the Importify dashboard
and click the order list from the side menu. On this page you will find
unfulfilled orders. Pick one of these orders to fulfill and click the order
button. Importify will automatically pick the variants and redirect you to
the checkout page. On this page, click the Edit link. And click the “autofill order”
button. Double check the order details and
proceed with the payment process. Thank you for choosing Importify! we wish you success!

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  1. Look at this case: I want to import products from an Amazon vendor but just for saving time. But I need that, in the moment I get an order for this product, my Shopify page take the money Of the client and I Will go directly to the vendor (I know him) and I buy the product to him in his physical store (with a better price than Amazon) and then I deliver to the client. Can I do this with importify?

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