How to get your first sale from your Etsy/online store — Day 6

join me to turn your passion into your business today is day six is the last day of the training we talking about how to put your best out there and get sale! before I teach you how to start your business all the bringing yourself and open your shop pricing, and how to make a description for your design in right now we’re going to talk about how to get people inside your store so you can get more sale today I’m going to talk about a couple of section you can start with from beginner so definitely invite your friends share on Facebook or social media light you have facebook probably everyone have to explain now or Twitter Instagram to tell your friends and family go check out and you can ask people to share your feet your old Dallas maybe you can reach other up your friends friends might be interested in your design and you can check out its the add pictures in our market local shark chameleon board are rocky loss not recommended because its cost a little more to join and sometimes you can reach all the people as less since use online you can reach are more branding but our market have good part is you can give direct feedback from the front of people just walk around try to see the people design were your customer your ideal customer while they thought I your design and local shop billboard some please have it like a place like what i call some local copy shop have starbox habit and panora bread place habit and that’s why i can think about right now to our place Oh half price bookstore enjoy have to so you can just leave your business on horse on your commercial on top there too many people can see a proper shiur in treasure is more events you can join to buy usually cost a lot more money than the other choice i’m not going to talk about here by going to show you guys some other solution ok you should get your business car radio so you can handle two people to let people what asks you what you do you can tell that all i’m selling my this online and so you can hang out to Lin then go check it off and the place i recommend first ones from this top rained overnight bring mr. bringing overnight bring to have regrouped price like hundred pieces i think is less than ten dollar not including shaping and third ones more they have more nice texture of the paper you can choose look more artistic that way and quality look bring her a lot of good review on them but i haven’t tried out yet so you guys can go check it off PS pre i use for print my sticker for package which is turning out really good in the price it’s also inside therefore recommend you guys go check it out to now I’m going to show you got the SC promoting a list so you can sell your daily budget for your special finance or you can choose some of you are then you can you tell probably is more popular or you want sell more you can just choose the item and yourself with daily budget for 125 dollar to promote that either so people want to search t-shirt or some special turn the key word wilshire more higher so you can see where these are more easily and now with and I like it that function is because you can serve really low budget for try offers to see the result because you can use of four hundred dollars with up there and you don’t even know how holds the whole investment coming back so this one is very low risk so it definitely can check it out how the research coming ok and Pinterest for ever recommend create pictures for if you sell injury definitely inch create a jury war but do not just pin your own design pin someone else asa because pinterest is like a community share fall a lot of people think is like a magazine baseball at is one of my fairy promotion i choose because a lot of people here not in the facebook you have facebook just picture a picture you know how much time your new hand on the facebook right that’s why facebook password very well to because they can set up for your daily budget for five to ten dollar or even less by recommend stop were fighting 10 and choose the right target for your customer is very important it’s different brain have different audience so I’m not going to tell you what target you supposed to because each one has a different different target because mine is totally different than yours so i can tell you o.o target mind because not going to work for you and you probably gonna blame me okay okay i’m going to have a recanvass they want to tell you how the start and why you need started please don what just get started right now in day two is bringing bringing your store bringing yourself day three is take awesome picture for sell your design a4 is open your shop i show you the tutorial how to open your shop on Etsy and Shopify so you have to platform you can start out to choose which one worked for you the best defy is pricing strategy days six is today get people to get into your chart ok do you like to give more training to help your business on your next level how you for straightening off your online storage selling you want to make it to your full-time job or you want to start your online business but you totally loss and don’t know how to start it on to do what you love and what you born to do and make your car smart to be your loaf and they kill way forward design to come out I like to invite you to join me to turn your passion into business right now we have special deal and have picture bonus for you if you signed out right now you get special discount special bonus and we have a special community or use your own business like to join me please don’t wait i like i like to see you in the other side of this world together ok click link below and I’ll see you there if you have any question please leave a comment below I will get back to for you if you like to reach me in a private can email me and we’ll have a link or try to email me a service at me by empty dot-com in will give up to you see you guys there five

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