15 comments on “How To Fill Out Your Florida Title When You Sell Your Scooter / Vehicle

  1. Hello so I've recieve a moped. Has a license plate and title with no registration. And also the owner forgot to fill out the rest of the title form. Could I take the title to the DMV and request a tag or do I need the owner to fill it fully out before I can register it? Because he only sign his name and print but he didn't sign the back at all. He said I wouldn't need to

  2. Miss Allison……. how hard is it to get a title for a bike that is old and no longer in the DMV system? Say, I found a sweet vintage scooter and want to restore it from the ashes but have no title, no license plate, no bill of sale, no nothing! You think I still have a shot at getting a title and plate for it? And last question……… wanna race me on a scooter? 😛

  3. Hi,
    Can I buy a vehicle as a tourist in Florida?
    In 2:52 you talk about the purchaser DL/ID, but I just have my passport. May I fill the form with my passport number?


  4. Hello, I have a question, I am about to buy a 50cc scooter privately from someone else, correct if I am wrong but all I need from the seller is the TITLE SIGNED and a BILL OF SALE, correct?
    Then my next step is to go to my local Tax collector and get a REGISTRATION and a LICENSE PLATE for my 50cc scooter, how much is the registration fee and the plate? (Do I have to pay the initial registration fee even if I already paid for a car I used to own?)

  5. Allison! Thank you SO much! Too bad we cant give digital hugs (sincere and respectfully, lol!) online. What a great video and resource, kudos to you!

  6. My friend just sold me his scooter that he bought from yall in 2016. He is a Florida resident, however, I am from Texas and here for school. I was wondering what different steps I need to take to register the scooter here?

  7. Very informative. Thank you. Do you have any information regarding selling ones vehicle to a junk yard. My cars engine seized and won’t start. Replacing would cost 65 percent more than the book value.
    Who or what would I put on the buyer? The company? Or the person buying for the company?
    Just asking. Thanks

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