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how to decide on what kind of course to
sell now if you’re trying to figure out the right course to sell online trying
to figure out how you’re gonna market it you are in the right place because in
this video I’m gonna show you how to figure out how to do the right course
online and have people lining up to buy it and we’re starting right now hey I’m jr. Fischer if you’re new to my
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the years I’ve learned a lot and on this channel I share those things with you so
you can get real results too now at the end of this particular video I’m gonna
do something special I’m gonna give you a free course it’s an e-commerce course
it has a value of $97 and you can get it absolutely free by just clicking in the
description below okay so let’s get started and figure out how we’re gonna
do this course then now I got to tell you and you’re probably just like me but
I’ve seen people selling courses on almost everything I’ve seen courses on
gardening on sales techniques on cooking I mean you name it on exercise on health
you know there’s courses on just about everything so no matter what you know no
matter what your knowledge is it’s probably marketable right now and you
can probably make some money on it just just with the knowledge that you already
have let me tell you about Lynn Smith Lynn Smith was actually a copywriter and
he wrote a book on copywriting and how to make money online and he was making
about a hundred twenty thousand dollars a year which is pretty darn good and he
was pretty happy with that but he was then contacted by udemy and yoonah me
actually wanted to take his book and make a course out of it now he took that
book and made a course and put it on you to me and almost instantly started
making two to four thousand dollars extra a month
from his courses once he figured out he could have this extra income he started
doing a couple more courses once he put a little bit more effort into it he was
making $6,500 a month off his courses just off you to me now he calculated
that it would take him about 40 hours to do a course and the maintenance on it
was only about 10 hours a week if that so he figured if I just keep making
these courses I could make more money as a matter of fact he did one course and
in two days that course made $3,000 so he was often running with his online
courses simply put if you have a course and it’s something that’s marketable you
can make a lot of money in a really short period of time it doesn’t take
months or years to do this this is gonna be a matter of days or weeks in this
video I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that but it’s important for you to
understand why people are even buying courses online right now people want to
learn in a lot of different areas and the cost of education has gone through
the roof an online course is convenient they can
they can take it from home they can target just the subjects they want they
don’t have to go to a university and take a bunch of courses they’re not even
interested in they can learn the subject they want so whatever knowledge you have
is marketable out there to a certain niche of people a new study found that
college costs are just going up and up and up as a matter of fact they’re over
$31,000 now and they’ve gone up another 13% in just the past five years and
there’s really no end in sight so the cost of going to a traditional
university or college has just gotten ridiculous recently college loan debt
has gone up seventy seven billion dollars that’s just craziness and that
brings the total college debt in America to 1.6 trillion dollars that’s an insane
amount of money and people just can’t keep up with that debt anymore they go
to college they get out they have a degree and they can’t get an income to
match making the payments on that college money they owe so go into
college may not be an alternative for a lot of people and they’re going to
things like online courses the really cool thing about online courses is
they’re really inexpensive now I have courses ranging from $27 went up to
$1,000 but if you look at a college education that’s $31,000 that’s a big
difference now the high cost of college has driven people to figure out other
ways to learn as a matter of fact they expect by 2022 that there will be two
hundred and forty-one billion dollars spent on online courses it’s your time
to get your share of that here’s the cool thing there’s a lot of platforms
out there and I’m gonna get to that just second there’s a lot of platforms where
you can actually deliver your content and use the technology that’s out there
for very little cost whatsoever and what’s best yet is people are watching
videos and since they’re watching videos it’s a whole lot easier for you to get
your point across and teach people something just like I’m doing right now
in this particular video let’s not forget the point that you can sit in
your pajamas on the couch with your laptop and do all your learning right
there you don’t have to drive anywhere you don’t have to get dressed you don’t
have to spend the cost and expense of traveling anywhere you just sit there
you log on and you get the training that you want at a reduced price now you
can’t beat that now since there are courses on just about every subject
that’s what opens up the opportunity for you people are open to taking these
courses online no matter what your subject is as long as it’s marketable
people are gonna buy it now I’m going to show you how to build
and market your course but before I do that let me share with you some
entrepreneurs have been successful at this already take John and Elliott
they did a course on an operating system app and it took him about three months
and about a thousand dollars to develop the course now what they did is they
just emailed everybody they knew they were already in the app world they’re in
the tech world and they had people who were involved in that type of thing so
they email every single person they didn’t they let them know about their
course and the original course was selling for $99 now the very first month
this course went live at $99 they took in $40,000 imagine that $40,000 then
keep in mind it took them three months and
one thousand dollars to make this course and they took in forty thousand dollars
in the first thirty days now a new operating system was coming out so they
decided to take their original course and just to give it away for free and
that’s what they did they gave away that course for free to build the list for
the new software that was coming out in the new course they had just developed
by doing that they got sixty thousand signups and they had a list they could
market their new course to now when the new operating system came out and their
course came out they sold it for $10 less they sold it for $89 but here’s the
cool thing they took in seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars on the new
course now Rob decided to do a course on coding he thought well there’s gonna be
people out there who are interested in coding he did the course and put it on
you to me he immediately signed up thousands of people and did over 1
million dollars his very first year with that course now in talking to these
entrepreneurs who made these courses here’s the biggest tips they gave to
being successful with an online course number one figure out what is gonna be
popular by looking at courses that are already selling now this kind of makes
sense if there’s courses out there that are already selling that tells you that
there’s an interest in that particular area you can go to these sites like you
to me and search the courses and figure out which ones are doing big numbers and
selling and you can do a course that’s similar to them number two make your
course stand out now the cool thing about the coding course that was done is
he made it seem fun it looked like a fun course to take something you would enjoy
that’s not how most people market a coding course and number three
tackle a big subject make sure that your audience is gonna be large enough to
where you can scale this course and make a lot of money on it so you want to
tackle a big topic okay so what’s preventing you from doing
your course and then the truth is I know what the truth is the truth is there’s a
lot of details to it there’s a lot of moving parts to a course and how you
market it and where you put the modules and how you design it and all that
getting the information together is pretty much the easy part it’s all that
technical stuff now maybe you want to deliver the course in segments in parts
to where they get the first three modules the first week in the next three
the next week well that seems kind of complicated for the average person to do
the next up the people who bought the course how do we continue to market to
those people and how do we let them know when
done that you know they’re gonna get a certificate how do we do all these
things well the cool thing is there’s technology for all of that and it’s a
lot simpler than you think now unfortunately a lot of people are faced
with all these tasks and these things they need to do and that’s where they
quit they think gee I’d like to do a course but it’s just too complicated
there’s too many moving parts and I just don’t know how to do any of this well
we’re gonna pull back the curtains and show you you can do these things I’m
gonna show you right now how to overcome all of those challenges so you can get
your course online and start making money let’s get right into the nuts and
bolts of creating your course and all the parts and you’ll have your course
online in no time now for our example we’re gonna use Kartra why it’s the
best car choice the best there’s a lot of platforms out there and certainly you
can pick any one you want we like Kartra because it has everything
built in it has our email capabilities in there it has her sales pages in there
it has her memberships in there it’s got an affiliate area in there it’s got
helpdesk and it’s good at all so we’re gonna tell you Kartra gonna be the
best place for you to put your course and it’ll be easy to set up there too
they already have templates for your courses and all you have to do is plug
in the modules in the videos and away you go you see the ultimate power of
creating an online course is being able to do it quickly and without a lot of
hassle and that’s what Kartra lets you do it lets you set it up really simply
and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put a link in the description to Kartra I
just look for Kartra down there and you can actually watch a video it’s
gonna take you to a video that shows you how Kartra works and if you’re
interested in getting cards where you can actually start for $1 so that’s a
pretty good deal now a couple questions still maybe they’re like you know how do
you know if you’re gonna make money from the course you’re doing okay because
that’s kind of a scary thing and how do you narrow down your niche and how do
you find your audience also are there special tools that you need to actually
get your course out there online of course you want to answer the questions
that your attendees have and bite-sized modules how do you do that and most
importantly how do you define the learning objectives of your actual
course because it’s the outcome they’re really coming for not the training and
you may be thinking well I don’t have a list or I have a very small list so
there’s no way for me to market it there is don’t worry about that so what
I’d like to do is I’d like to break it down into steps so you know each
individual one and how we’re gonna approach this number one of course is
doing an online course is that the right thing for you it’s got to be what you
want to do if you don’t want to do a course don’t do a course but if you do
let’s move on to the next steps number two is find your course outline
idea that’s all you got to do it could be something you already know it could
be something you read you could search a particular subject and find it that way
number three just create an outline go ahead and write down all the steps that
somebody would need to go through to learn whatever subject that you’re gonna
be teaching so get your outline together number four you’re gonna want to build
your online content you can do all of that in Kartra and it makes it simple
and easy because they already have templates there
number five is hey pick a price you gotta decide what you’re gonna sell it
for right I would suggest you going into the market and looking at other courses
that are similar to that in pricing your course accordingly
number six choose a launch model for your course so maybe it’s your email
list you’re gonna email your list you’re gonna let them know that you’re gonna
have a sale for three days or five days maybe it’s social media maybe you’re
gonna run ads but decide how you’re gonna actually launch that course number
seven sell your course through email marketing email marketing awesome you
can mail your list let them know about your product let them know what you have
and how do you build that list well you could have opt-ins you can post things
in social media you could give away the top three steps to doing something
related to that particular subject and that way you know those people are
interested you can email them and sell them your course number eight you’re
gonna need to write some sales pages that convert once again I recommend
Kartra Kartra is a place to do that set up your sales pages so that it
actually markets that course to people and they can actually sign up and start
taking your course now there’s a lot more videos on my channel that explains
how to use Kartra if you go to that link that I provided below for Clark
tour when you get there there’s a video to walk you through all the steps and
all the things that Kartra does and that’ll help you out with getting your
course going now if you’ve tried to do a course before all you’ve thought about
doing a course what kind of course are you gonna do I would love to hear your
comments below what are your idea for a course what have you done what are
you having questions on I’ll be happy to answer those for you so do me a favor
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so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Now, if you've tried to do a course before all, you've thought about doing a course, what course are you gonna do? What is your idea for a course? What have you done? What are you having questions on? I would love to hear your comments below.
    Also, click here to grab my $97 eCommerce for FREE.

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