How to create a purchase invoice

Hello, this video shows you ways to receive
and input your supplier invoices within Wiise, with clever features to give you more time
to focus on what counts. This is the general dashboard you see when logging in. To create a purchase invoice within Wiise
from scratch, click on the “plus sign / Purchase Invoice”. Alternatively, from any other screen, you
can use the search function on the top right. You can also go to your list of vendors from
your main dashboard, as shown here. From there, select the vendor, then ‘new
document’ and choose “Purchase Invoice”. This automatically populates the purchase
invoice with all your vendor’s information. This includes billing details, contact information
and purchase prices and discounts. You can expand the details of the vendor to
check if your information is correct. Then, enter what you have bought from the
vendor as a line item for your purchase invoice. As you enter a quantity of “10” for the
lamps bought, you can see some automation occurring. Maintaining Vendor price and discount information
can be a problem if you buy from many different vendors. Here you don’t even have to think about
it. For example, in this situation you are receiving
a 10% discount on the Amsterdam lamps because you meet a quantity required. Wiise remembers the discounts, so you and
your team don’t have to.. To finish, enter your “vendor invoice number”,
so you know what purchase to reference. Another intelligent feature is the ability
to preview the posting of this invoice to see what other areas of your business may
be affected. This allows you to pick up any mistakes. If you’re good to go, just click the “post”
button and confirm. You can then choose to view the invoice right
away so you can make any corrections, or choose “no” to simply continue what you were
doing. That’s your purchase invoice done. Thanks for watching. Thanks for watching our how to Video on creating
a purchase invoice for a vendor. Purchasing from a vendor is key for any business
that is why we try to give you as much intelligent features to streamline your day. Focus on what counts with Wiise.

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