How to Close a Sale : 7 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy From You

We all want to know how to get people to buy from us, right? I mean, that’s why you’re
watching this video, probably. Salespeople always ask me how can they get more people to say yes. But what about those things
that we’re doing, or not doing, that are causing people to
actually not buy from us? Understanding the reasons why
clients don’t buy from us, in many ways is more important. Because once we change those behaviors, we lay the groundwork
for closing more sales. In this video I’m going to
show you the seven reasons that clients don’t buy from you. Check it out. (clicking and whooshing logo sounds) Number 1. The wrong people. This point comes first, because
it is so damn important. And it is killing so many
salespeople out there. There is a natural attraction
for many salespeople to sell to the most obvious
and willing prospect. But the person that
they can easily access, the person that they can relate to, isn’t necessarily the person
who has access to big budgets and can really make a decision. So make sure that you weed
out those wrong people, and only spend your time
with the right people. Number 2. Enthusiastic. Imagine that you answer the phone and someone on the other end says, “Hey, Sarah! How are you doing today?!” How would you feel? Or imagine that you’re
in a buying situation and you tell the salesperson
what you’re looking for, and then ask if they can help. Imagine that the
salesperson responds with, “Of course we can! “We have the best solutions
of anyone out there!” How would you feel? Well, most salespeople
are actually doing this. And it’s turning
prospects off immediately. It’s time to drop the enthusiasm and instead act more like a doctor, simply just trying to understand
what’s really going on, understand what they’re looking for. Number 3. Pitching. Have you ever caught yourself
in a selling situation doing most of the talking? If so, then you are pitching. And your prospect was probably tuning out. Prospects hate the pitch. Not only is it old school and sales-y, but it’s also boring and frustrating. It’s like a lecture in
college or in high school. Prospects instead want to
be engaged in a dialogue, not listen to your monologue. Number 4. Don’t get their challenges. Most salespeople focus on why
prospects need their offering, when in a selling situation. They’re trying to persuade. But prospects really don’t
care about your offering. They don’t care about all of
the cool features and benefits that you have to offer. All they care about is solving their most pressing challenges. This is why, as salespeople, we need to understand
what’s really going on with our prospect. We need to get to the key
challenges that they’re facing, in order to show them how
it will actually be solved. Number 5. Not clear on upside value. Have you ever had a prospect where there seemed to be
a strong relationship, and they really had challenges
that you could solve, but you still didn’t close the sale? If a prospect ultimately
does not buy from you in this situation, it’s because they didn’t see the value in making that investment
in your offering. This is easily avoidable by helping your prospect
clarify the upside value of working to solve those challenges. So ask you prospect a question like this: What would it mean to your company, in additional revenue or profit, if you were actually able
to solve these challenges? By getting a dollar figure, you get the prospect to see the value, through their own words, in your solution. Number 6. No budget talk. Salespeople get so
uncomfortable about money in selling situations. And for most of us, it goes back to that awkward experience as a kid, when we asked our mom or
dad how much they made, and they told us that it
was none of our business. After that, money talk was
pretty much off the table. But in selling, you need to
talk about money with prospects before presenting the solution. Without discussing money up front, you have no idea if you’re even on the same page about money. Get the budget before you
present your solution. Number 7. Where’s the scheduled next step? Ever been in a selling situation where everything was going well, and then the prospect asked
you to try them back next week, only to have them just kind of disappear? This is a common death for so many sales. And it’s completely avoidable. At the end of every prospect interaction, be sure that you schedule a next step. That means that you agree
on a specific time and date, and you send out a calendar
invite for that next step. Always have a scheduled next step. So there are the seven reasons that clients don’t buy from you. I wanna hear from you. Which of these ideas did
you find most useful? Be sure to share below
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