How to Buy a Sailboat

Hi, this is Peter Reuter from Sailingmates.
If you’re thinking of buying a sailboat either now or in the future, you really should get
hold of my new Sailboat Buying Guide. I’ve put together this guide from everything
I’ve learned during fifty years of messing around with sailboats, both big and small.
Every important thing that I’ve discovered about yachts over these years is in this guide,
so you’ll be able to search for and buy your next yacht with confidence.
Now, if you download this expert, hands-on, step-by-step Guide before you buy a boat,
you could save yourself a couple of thousand dollars. This guide contains all you need
to be sure that the used sailboat you want to buy is not a lemon.
What do you get in the Used Sailboat Buying Guide?
You’ll get 4 videos totaling more than 3 hours of expert practical information on how to
inspect a yacht before you buy it There ia a 40 page pdf covering in great detail
all the information you need to do your own sailboat inspections
There are 2 checklists of 23 pages detailing every item you need to check, one for your
initial inspection and one for your on-board survey
And you’ll find specifications of 40 good small keelboats and 30 good trailer sailers
— and one of them is right for you Here’s what some of our recent buyers say:
Peter, I really enjoyed your Used Sailboat Buying Guide. It has suddenly made everything
about buying and owning a sailboat so much clearer – I have already looked at and bookmarked
the many important website links you mention. Your section on deal-breakers and lemons was
quite a shock and clearly lots of boats out there are really just “projects” and best
avoided. The Guide is fantastic – so much detail – a treasure trove. Thank you!”
That’s from Malcolm of County Durham United Kingdom
James from Jacksonville, Florida said I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing when
I started the process of buying a sailboat. Many boats looked well-maintained to me until
your Used Sailboat Buying Guide taught me how to find and focus on major problem areas.
I now own a 40 foot masthead sloop and made the purchase knowing exactly what I was getting
into. Thanks a million! And Roger from Pensacola wrote
Your Used Sailboat Buying Guide has been a real eye-opener for me, even though this will
be my second sailboat. I had already decided how big and what equipment my next boat would
have, but I was a little confused about what else to look for. The Guide cleared this up
with its series of logical steps in examining a prospective boat. The Guide has the potential
to save anyone thousands of dollars. It is ridiculously cheap for information that can
save you so much trouble, time and money. So, why should you buy this Guide?
Well, here’s a quick question … Would you buy a used car from a private seller
without having it completely checked over by an expert auto mechanic?
of course you wouldn’t … … and I hope you wouldn’t buy a used sailboat
from ANYBODY without first having it checked out completely by an
expert sailboat mechanic but here’s the problem …
The “expert sailboat mechanic” is a Marine Surveyor. And a pre-purchase survey on a 25
foot sailboat will cost you at least $500 … plus travel time.
And if you’re looking at a 30 foot keelboat, a survey could cost you $1000 or more
So you can’t afford a professional survey on every sailboat that looks good to you.
You have to be able to eliminate the lemons without paying for a survey
And with this Used Sailboat Buying Guide and Checklists you’ll discover how to do this
You’ll discover how to … Find any deal buster faults in a boat within
10 minutes of going aboard, and if you find one — you’ll walk away
You’ll be able to look past the glitter and shine to find out the true condition of a
boat and know what repair work will be needed You’ll learn how to check the condition of
the hull, deck, sails, rigging, engine and tanks for any serious problems
And you’ll find out select a good trailer sailer that can be safely towed by your vehicle
and rigged and launched by your crew You’ll also be able to
Use our list of websites to find all the specifications and independent reviews of any sailboat you
have on your shortlist Find, qualify, select and hire a good marine
surveyor to survey the last boat on your list — the one you want to buy
Prepare that boat for the survey before the marine surveyor arrives. Don’t pay the surveyor
for work you can do yourself So what benefits will you get from this Guide?
Well, you’ll definitely buy a better sailboat at a lower price
And you’ll save thousands on marine surveyor fees
You’ll also learn about the important systems on a sailboat and how to check that they are
safe and working properly And you’ll be able to do your own maintenance,
saving money every year — and that will definitely make you a better sailor
So how much will you pay for this sailboat buying guide?
Well you can get your copy today for only $17 … with my full 30 day no questions asked
money back guarantee Just click the link in the description below
this video for instant access And I’ll see you on the other side.
Thank you for watching This is Peter Reuter from Sailingmates

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  1. I just bought this last week. I've come back to tell you it's brilliant! Anyone thinking of buying any type of sailboat needs this.

  2. Louise, a Catalina 25 could cost you anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on age and condition. And yes, you definitely need the manual

  3. Can I get the manual and videos on DVD? My internet connection is very slow and I cannot download videos. I need this info urgently as I'm in the process of buying a boat.

  4. At $17 it's a no-brainer if you want to buy a sailboat. The information in this video alone is worth that much.

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