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Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This video is titled “How
To Build A Powerful Buyers List.” Joe: A buyers list is one of the most important
things that you can build because it gives you, for one, credibility. When you’re talking
to sellers, you can say, “I’ve got x number of people on my list. I’ve got 23 people on
my list right now that want to buy a property rent to buy in this area. If I get your property,
I’m going to send this email blast out to them right away and see if anybody’s interested
in buying.’ Joe: If you’ve got 500 or you’ve got 1000
or 2000 people on your list, your credibility goes up even more. But even a few people — even
10 to 20 people… And you can build this list in a week or two weeks, just by putting
out signs and just by using Craigslist ads that I teach you how to do. Just by some simple
little techniques, you’ll bring people in. Joe: The more sellers you have and the more
properties that you have to sell, the more buyers that are going to come in on that,
because you may get 20, 50 or 100 buyers for each property that you have for sale that
are going to call in on that but won’t buy it. And they’ll go into your buyers list.
They’ll go into your automated autoresponder so that they’re on your list and then when
you get your next property, you’ll do an email blast out with some pictures, saying, ‘This
is rent to buy. This is another property. Are you interested?’
Joe: The percentage of the properties that you sell if you have a list like this will
sell overnight because of that. It’s not a high percentage that will sell to your list.
What I see is mostly between 10 and 15% of the properties, so if you have a list that
has 200 or 300 people on it, maybe 10 to 15% of the properties that you put up for sale
will sell directly through that list. And then having people on that list over time
is also hugely beneficial to you. Joe: So, you want to build these lists. You
want to use the software that I’ve already created for you to do this. We’ve got a website
that gets them to opt in, or you can opt them in manually if you’re talking to them on the
phone. It puts them into a autorepsonder, which is a sequential email program that sends
them out emails telling them all about rent to buy, teaches them why it makes sense, teaches
them how to do it, teaches them how to find a property and shows them what they need to
make it happen. Joe: It’s a series of emails that goes out
over time. It doesn’t happen all at once. So, it keeps communication with them, it builds
a relationship with them and it builds your credibility and it sells them on the idea
of buying one of your properties so that when you send them another property that you’ve
got for sale, they’re going to know what it is and what to do with it and what they need
to make it happen. And that makes them a much more qualified buyer when they do that.
Joe: So building a list like this is vital to you. It’s not as vital as working with
sellers. I’m going to talk about that in another video. Build your sellers first. Get sellers
and then buyers will come in. I’ve done it both ways (where we started with buyers first)
but now I’m convinced that working with sellers is the best way to do it.
Joe: A generic buyer is good and it’ll build your list, it’ll build your credibility and
some of them will buy, but specific buyers for specific properties are much more likely
to buy, whether they come off of your signs or your Craigslist ads — it doesn’t matter.
With both of those types leads, you want those leads to come to you directly or to your person
who’s working with your buyers to get those people inside of that house and get it sold,
so that you can sell it in days or weeks. If it takes a month to sell it, that’s unusual
and it means that you’re priced too high if you haven’t sold it within a month. Usually,
they sell much quicker than that. Joe: That’s the beauty of rent to buy. Build
a buyers list. Thanks, now.

2 comments on “How To Build A Massive, Effective, Profitable Buyers List – Real Estate Investing

  1. G'day Joe, hope u r well.  I've watched some of your videos and some are great.  
    This one, I was disappointed in. as it explains very little about building a buyers list.  I's love it if u would give an example of a good buyer' ad.  ( I have access to below market houses, from time to time, the catch is they need to be sold in hours, so I need a buyers list 1st. )   I think I could refine it as I do a few sales.  
              Thanks for your videos, I also appreciate your calm , natural demeanor

                  So much better than the RAAA RAAA people,   Marten.

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