How To Be Successful On Amazon – Change Your Outlook!

there you go that’s that’s your product
that could be a product right there guys right there
it’s got someone’s product you could be my product could be your product delivering profit ci when I look at that
I don’t look I don’t see a dirty truck I see I see a container or a truck full of
exciting products that’s what I see it’s different you know when I was in the
import-export industry I saw containers you know and I saw profits people saw
dirty 20-foot containers but I see trucks like that I go well there’s
probably 40 50 hundred thousand bucks potentially I don’t know in profit in
the back there just and everyday there is probably about a
million million bucks in terms of trucks and product and sales coming through
going going down here going down that driveway maybe one day your product will
be there it is takes action guys it takes you jumping on a product and
pulling the trigger on a product is what I like to say you know like let’s talk
more more walk you know jump on a product just just choose one and
sometimes it’s best better to get something up and running get it selling
and then you know even if it’s making 50 bucks a week or even 20 bucks a week
just get something up there learn the process to doing it and that’s kind of
like what we teach we show you how to go about find finding products we show you
how to how to launch it on sites like Amazon but you know I can’t do it for
you it comes down to you doing it and pulling the trigger and actually saying
yep that’s it that’s the product let’s do it
now I need to learn the process that’s where I come in I show you how to find
the products do the research use the tools find the products on the software
and actually get it launched get it launched on Amazon but at the end of day
I can’t do it for you you know if you want to be on here guys you’ve got to do
some action take some action so if you wonder if you’re interested and you’re
keen and you’re serious you’re not curious you’re serious about getting
something started give us a call in the office today zero to 8,000 or three
seventy-five three four the numbers on the screen I would love to help you bye
bye for now have a great day

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