we got here we are back in action
yesterday thrifting was somewhat of a failure and
I say somewhat because the reality is is you’re gonna face several roadblocks
several failures that if you choose to you can walk away from reselling it’s
easy to quit and it’s hard to keep going but I want to end this something
positive too because if you choose to go down the other path and persevere and
work through it it could be the biggest gift of your life you could be working
for yourself for the rest of your life with nobody else to tell you what to do
or how to do it or when to do it and the fact is is being your own boss is not an
easy thing I’m sick right now Kristen’s sick right now the kids are sick right
now but we’re still pushing through persevering we’re still making videos
we’re still out here shopping trying to find products to make our one 250
thousand dollar journey we’re still moving on and pushing through it so let
this be a guide to you that you just don’t quit and I keep going so many of you guys may not know this
but I spent about five years in the United States Coast Guard and what was
considered their Special Forces which was the United States Coast Guard
Helicopter Rrescue Swimmer program I was a Rescue Swimmer I used to jump out of
helicopters into crazy waters trying to save people and one of the biggest
things that I learned in all the training and all the exercises that I
did it just in the military in the Special Forces but also out of the
military when I went into business whether it was become a financial
planner or going through any of the other studies that I went through the
biggest tip I ever learned was the importance of perseverance the reason
why I wanted to share with this to you guys earlier was I have crashed several
drones you guys saw the first one a couple weeks back in our $2,000 mistake
video and in addition to that I’ve also crashed two other drugs so why do I
bring that up because I want to share with you I fail to I am nowhere near
perfect and I think it’s easy to be convinced by social media by everybody
else that you’re seeing out there that life is perfect
and that things are so easy and everybody’s making so much money the
reality is is you’re going to learn the most when you fail and when you
persevere if you choose to quit when you fail though you will never learn and you
will never adapt and you’re never gonna grow case in point I have still got all
of this stuff that needs to be packed prepped shipped sent out to Amazon
listings created all that stuff for eBay I still haven’t finished it and I almost
forgot these two and I am the first person to admit that I’m failing at that
but starting tomorrow I’m making a promise to myself that we are gonna take
that $1 to $50,000 journey seriously and the first thing I’m gonna work on is
getting all of this stuff taken care of because I also believe in one other
thing which is the faster you complete those things off of your list the
quicker the momentum become and the more that you complete the more you persevere
through the other task which is ultimately going to make you a rock star
so I hope that helped you guys leave a comment if you have questions have a
beautiful day


  1. Thanks everyone for the love❤️❤️❤️- we hope everyone has an awesome holidays …


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  2. "Rescue Swimmer ", great info especially while you guys are suck & not feeling good. I appreciate how you used several analogies to tie into this video for quiting or persevering. Thanks we all need this. Praying for you guys. Get well soon.

  3. I know this is odd. Give this a try it helps me when I get sick. Get a cane of clam chowder use a whole sleeve of Ritz crackers a lot of pepper heat it up really really hot almost 5 or 6 minutes in the microwave mix the crackers and pepper together. It knocks the cold out of me!!! Feel better

  4. Thank you for your service ❤️ I know 100% the momentum thing. I sat down yesterday to inventory and revamp/ relist / re-catalog 5 items with my new inventory system. I ended up doing 20 😉

  5. Thank you for your service as a rescue swimmer. I'm just packing up my first shipment and find your family's story inspiring! Keep hydrated! I hope you feel better soon.

  6. We live in a Coast Guard City – Astoria, OR and appreciate every man and woman who serve. Best people to know and work along side with. Thank you for your service.

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