How Much Can You Make Selling On Amazon?

(relaxing music) – How much money can you
really make on Amazon? I mean like really, really make. Well, I’ll tell you guys my story. I got started by doing Amazon FBA. I wrote a blog post by
StartupBros, Startup Brothers, talking about how they imported
stuff from Asia, China, and were able to get those items, take ’em to Amazon’s warehouse, sell them. It was a really at the
end of the blog post where they gave the game away so they basically put me on, right? And in about… Two months, I was making
two grand on Amazon. So that’s from zero, zero
months to two months. I was making two grand, two grand easy. And now it’s been like that on autopilot to a point now my worst
month is really two grand. My best month are anywhere from four to maybe even five grand in a month. That’s at the potential. I’ve been doing this
for the last two years but there are people out there who are making six figures who blow me out of the water. There are people out there making over $1 million doing Amazon so the potential is ginormous, if that’s even a word, (laughs) right? But let’s kind of give you some examples. If you guys know the
author of Choose Yourself! It’s a business and finance
book, James Altucher. I don’t know if I’m
saying the last name right but he’s made a profitable career from self-publishing his books on Amazon. He basically said, “Screw you,” to the mainstream publishers, self-published his book and
was mainly sold on Amazon. He has a six-figure career making millions selling on Amazon, not millions with a book but making millions overall but making six figures easily, easily selling his books on
Amazon as a self-publisher. The second example is
Fifty Shades of Grey. Did you know the author first
published his book on Amazon? Yeah, he was a self-published author. He sold over 250,000 copies first before the mainstream guys picked him up but he launched his
career selling on Amazon. And there are lots of
independent filmmakers out there who started their careers by launching the film
on Amazon Prime Video. And lot’s of people out there, regular people like you and I, entrepreneurs, hustlers,
starting their business selling on Amazon, from selling anything from yoga mats to coffee to just about anything making six figures, making millions. So there’s lots of potential out there to make money on Amazon.

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