How Does A Buyer’s Agent Get Paid?

So it’s important to walk through how
the payments are made throughout the process because there are actually a
couple different layers. The first is between the seller and the listing
broker so in the listing agreement that the seller and the listing broker sign,
there is a commission that has agreed upon. So most commonly that’s 6% of the
purchase price. The listing broker then turns around tells all of the buyer
agents in the city that they are agreeing to split that 6% 50/50 if the
buyer’s agent brings a buyer. So that 6% now gets cut down to 3% per side. So most of the time your buyer’s agent will get paid 3% of the purchase price. An alternative is to get a commission rebate from Yoreevo. So what we do is we
take 2/3 of that commission and we give it back to you by closing as a
commission rebate. That’s literally a check at closing, it can save you a ton
of money. So if you have any questions about that or you’d like to go into more
detail please feel free to reach out to me my email is [email protected] I
read every email, I’ll respond to you quickly and I’m happy to explain how we
can save you a bunch of money on your apartment purchase

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