Home Selling Tip – NO Bad MLS Photos Allowed

23 comments on “Home Selling Tip – NO Bad MLS Photos Allowed

  1. This week's survey – On a scale of 1 low 10 high how much are you impacted on where you like a home or not by the photos you see online? How important do you think it is? Tell me below

  2. Photographs are so important, pictures are the first impression people get of the house!

  3. I give it a 10 because MLS photos are what makes a buyer want to view a house, (or sadly for a seller), makes a buyer not want to view a house

  4. To me the photos are what draw you in. You may see bad photos of a home and not give it a second look where as a great photo keeps you scrolling!

  5. Agreed, why settle. I think wow these sellers have no clue. If I was selling my home, I would like to have professional photos taken.

  6. Professional photos all the time, EVERY time, no matter the size, price point, etc. It is an investment we are happy to make in our clients! Great advice, Cyndee!

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