Have you purchased a carburetor from Summit Racing? Need to know facts!

Hello and welcome to Summit Racing Equipment’s
quick flicks. Today we are going to talk a little bit about
carburetors. If you have recently ordered and received
a carburetor there are a few things you’ll want to know about it. First thing is when you received your carburetor
you may notice a paint thinner like smell coming from the carburetor, that is normal. A lot of our manufacturers use a solution
that smells like that to flow test their carburetors to make sure that everything is operating
properly so it is fine and does not mean your carburetor has been used. The next thing you will want to do is one
you get this on your engine check out all the linkages and make sure they’re operating
correctly and not binding. Once that is done you will want to put your
fuel line on this particular carburetor comes with a steel fuel line with flair fittings
so something to remember there is you want to use two wrenches when you tighten this
down so you can get it tight enough to seat the flare without putting too much torque
on the upper nut. The next thing you will want to do is some
basic tuning set your floats according to your manufactures instructions so you can
see the fuel here in the sight window. You will also want to set your idle mixture
so it is correct for your vehicle. Now keep in mind carburetors are not tuned
out of the box for every engine it is more of a universal tune so there may be some additional
tuning that you have to do maybe change the jets the power valves that sort of thing and
you will want to refer to your instruction manual for the carburetor on how to do that. Ok now the next thing we want to talk about
is the size of the carburetor. A common mistake with carburetors is to order
one that is too big for your vehicle. A general rule of thumb is most street vehicles
down require a carburetor that is more than one and a half CFM per cubic inch per engine. So make sure that when you order your carburetor
you’re getting one that is right and set up correctly for the size of engine you have. That’s it for quick tips today, thanks for
watching, hope you enjoy your new carburetor.

20 comments on “Have you purchased a carburetor from Summit Racing? Need to know facts!

  1. What should the average mpg on a Chevy 327 sb be with a electric choke 600cfm carb,,I just now seen this video and I took my truck to get the carb adjusted and it's so much bad and it swallows fuel it was so nice out of the box and now I don't know what to do

  2. Hi, it sounds like the problem is with the person you had adjust the carb. If it was running nice out of the box, something in the new adjustments must be off. You didn’t state which carb you have but we offer three excellent tuning videos. Each video covers tuning and performance upgrades. You’ll find out that you can do your own tuning.

  3. Go to our website and under theese part numbers: HLY-36-378, SUM-CARBDVD, and EDL-0324, under the video tab is where you will find the tuning videos.

  4. The correct replacement o-ring has the following dimensions:
    O.D. – .600"
    I.D. – .475"
    Thickness – .065"
    Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks for watching!

  5. It would be nice if you guys would be kind enough to donate me one of those carburetors so I could retire my piece of crap Edelbrock 1406 carburetor that gives me so many problems lol.

  6. The Summit Racing carburetors are not designed for a blow through application but, we do carry that type of carb through Quick Fuel Technology.

  7. Hello. If I may ask, what could be the best carburetor for my Toyota 2E 12 valve engine? I am just curious if there could be a better carb than the stock for my engine. I am just asking if by chance there are still ways to help improve my engine's power and fuel efficiency.. This sure looks like a great carb.. c: 

  8. Too bad those 4010 and 4011s didn't catch on, they are a nice carb, easy to work on and tune, I have the 4011 650 spreadbore on top of a mild built 455 BBB and really responsive, I can launch without spinning tires most of the time and she pulls hard… smooth transition into secondaries. Been hunting for one of the larger ones to try out, ended up with a speed demon that was misadvertised, 850 when really a 650 so need to sell and try my luck again on eBay…

  9. Speaking of carb size, why do you all not have a 500CFM version of the one in front of you? I have a mild 302, and a 500 would be perfect! I just purchased one that should be here tomorrow and I will be ticked if I find out you all have a 500.

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