8 comments on “Google I/O 2009 – Transactions Across Datacenters..

  1. i can't see the problem with writing the instruction to multiple data centers using parallel ajax. the code in the servers in each center can perform the instruction to keep them each in sync. even if you have 10 data centers then you could just pick 3 to read and write from (depending on the user's location) and remaining 7 will eventually get copies of the data. doesn't this get a solid green bar?

  2. In backup technique why do we have weak consistency? we can read from logs (instead of datastore) and simulate complete behaviour.

  3. Thank you very much for this video. But I feel I might still keep using AWS for a while after I finished watching the question sections. You guys might be very smart and your tool/platform might be very amazing. But I feel It has not been done yet like aws.

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