Flat Foot Correction, Learn Best Footwear, Purchase to Stop Pain

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  1. I have been flat-footed my entire life. About 9 years ago in my early 50โ€™s I developed crippling plantar fasciitis . I had gotten by for years in good Brooks athletic shoes, fit in a running shop by people who took one look at my feet and knew what shoe I needed. I would break down a pair of shoes every 6 months. When I finished that phase and changing shoes no longer worked, they sent me to a pedorthist, who made me very expensive, but very wonderful, full sole custom orthotics. My plantar fasciitis was cured in less than 2 weeks! That pair of orthotics lasted 5 years!! They are limiting, as not every shoe has a deep enough foot bed to use these monsters, but I walk without pain! I just want to encourage anyone with overpronation to not give up…relief is available!

  2. You can go online to Asics.com and it will tell you if a particular shoe is best for over, under, or neutral pronation which is VERY helpful.

  3. I have had flat feet since birth and shoes that have arch support kill my feet, extremely painful as the minutes go by while walking.

  4. Good evening, Let me thank you both for this great information, also for the experiment you showed of the water foot print. ๐Ÿ™‹

  5. I just got a flashback to the days (nights) when Dad was "feeling good' and he would break out in a little ditty, "Flat foot floogie with a floy, floy, Flat foot floogie with a floy, floy, Floy doy, floy doy, floy doy. Yeah, yeah yeah, byah, oh, baby!"

  6. I'm 55, flat feet all my life. One doctor told me I have duck feet. Shoes with a hard arch hurts my feet. I just started having ankle and feet pain this year.

  7. I have high arches but lately my left foot arch got a sharp burning pain that felt like a pulled muscle. Iโ€™ve had pain for 2 months now & have to wear arch bands even when barefoot or it happens again. The pain goes up my ankle now. I guess cheap but cute shoes are a thing of the past. Iโ€™m investing in vionic brand shoes. Thanks for all the info!

  8. A wonderful company for pronated feet: OrthoticShop.com we have very flat feet and they carry sandals, slippers, business wear, running shoes, booties, boots that are technologically a great relief! They are amazing at correcting the pronation, we walk without tiring and our feet are not turning inside.

  9. Do these motion control shoes have a big bump for arch support?

    I can remember being in first grade, looking for shoes for back to school, and being frustrated because so many have this big bump inside the pressed against the bottom of my foot. Shoes with arch support hurt me until the arch support breaks down.

    This isnโ€™t a matter of getting arch support for a nonexistent arch, is it? Mine are extremely flat. In fact, I was probably an adult when I realized most people had an arch. Or what that actually looks like.

  10. I can't agree with this. I have been with completely flat feet since a toddler. For years doctors have told me that I need shoes with support, that I will have pain without them, that I will not be able to walk one day. This is a total BS. Supporting the feet is never a solution. Building and strengthening the muscles is. I discovered barefoot shoes (Vivobarefoot) about 3 years ago. I never felt better walking and running. I still have flat feet when standing still, but I have a strong arch when walking. I don't have any stability issues (I can deadlift double my bodyweight and squat with 1.5).

    Recommending feet support is like recommending to take the elevator when you have problems to take the stairs for the second floor.

  11. After having a spinal cord injury and being left with drop foot on my right foot it behaves like a flat foot so I always need to wear insoles with arch support…..trainers and boots are ok to wear then but forget shoes……can't keep them on, can't wear them anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  12. With glasses you can see better, but your eyes won't be better and your eye muscles won't be stronger. Same consequences with the shoes Brad mentioned in the video: you (probably temporarly) walk better, but your feet won't be stronger and healthier. In general, using (traditional) shoes our feet do not have to work and during our life they become weaker and weaker. Consequences: flat feet, hammertoes, hallux valgus and such. Specific exercises and a few hours barefoot walking on a daily base will make your feet stronger again and give them good working biomechanics. This is THE solution against flat feet.

  13. I found you Guy's by accident and Boy how lucky was I. I don't have flat feet but I do notice that after a long day in certain shoes I get a pain in my heel the next day. Any suggestions?

  14. I've been wearing Chuck Taylor's my whole life. Can you recommend a shoe that's not big and bulky on my foot? Most seem to be really wide on the back of the heel.

  15. i had heel spurs and great arches. custom orthotics help the plantar facitis pain. heel pain finally got so bad cortisone shots no longer helped. after heel spur surgery i now have flat feet and much pain when barefoot. wore brooks for years then got bunions. to avoid surgery i now wear widest shoe i could find, mens NB 6E wide for bunion relief. fit at back but front feels like got on a roomy house shoe! happy feet!!! elastic strings help with arthritis in hands. yeah i.m a bit of a mess but still upright and movin forward!!! love your videos.

  16. I currently wear inner soles to help my arch. If I bought these motion control trainers would I still need an inner sole?

    Also, Iโ€™ve heard great things about an American company called โ€œGood Feetโ€ anyone know of a UK equivalent recommendation?

  17. Motion control shoes are going to have heavy arch support. Wonโ€™t this just make the arch weaker? It seems like your advice here contradicts advice given in the video on how to improve balance.

  18. You guys should review shoe inserts. I started using Powerstep Pinnacle brand a few years ago and they were life changers. There seems to be some good brands and bad, but recommendations and word of mouth is key for this type of stuff.

  19. My cousin got flat feet after being over weight for 5 years. No doctor warned her so that she could get supports. Do a search for DIY silicone supports.

  20. What?! I've never (except once) had a shoe feel good. They always rub in some area or another, usually the heel, and the only comfortable shoe I did have didn't support my arch and after a month, my lower back hurt so much that I hobbled, not realizing it was my comfortable shoes causing it.

  21. I was one of those patients whose ankle pronated to the floor. I also had severe tibialis tendinitis. The pain was so bad I could only walk on the outer side of that foot. I ended up with a calcaneal osteotomy to rebuild the arch. Unfortunately my orthopedic surgeon never once recommended post surgical PT much less orthotics to keep my arch working right. About a year later though, my chiropractor fitted me for custom orthotics. I wear them constantly with good quality footwear like in this video. My feet feel great 9 years later.

  22. My doctor said I had flexible arches. That when I stand on them, they collapse. Got a horrible case of plantar fasciitis.

  23. How about pronation and flat feet? I keep purchasing the same ASICS sneaker which help some but would like to find a more ridgid alternative. As far as shoes, I wear the danskos and am considering doc martins. Any suggestions?

  24. I have flat-ish feet and personally have gone the complete opposite way to this, most footwear don't have a wide enough toe box to allow the big toe to support the arch properly. Some minimalist and barefoot shoes do allow more space in the toe box which helps your foot to support itself naturally. In theory all these motion control and arch support shoes help with is weakening your foot muscles. I don't want to be wearing support shoes/slippers around the house, I see my grandparents with flat feet struggle at home with balance because they wear rock like slippers with 'arch support'. I refuse to believe that after billions of years of evolution, a huge portion of the population are born with defective feet that need to be encased in shoes like solid rock.

    I haven't been wearing barefoot shoes for too long yet but I feel better in them, I used to get very sore arches and feel like I was getting shin splints after being in shoes all day but that stopped after I switched to minimalist shoes. I don't know if it's for everyone, especially older people or people with flatter feet than me but I would say test the waters out a bit, if you can walk around at home barefoot it shouldn't be too much of a jump, just be conscious if you personally can avoid that inward rotation of the ankle. Start easy if you choose to transition.

  25. I wish they made better work boots and runners for flat feet and orthotics. I have really bad flat feet. My last orthotics I believe were to soft and made wrong. No support. I have new ones now. But unsure if they fit really well or lacking support. Almost feels flat under my feet. I've seen 3 to 4 podiatrist. Hard to get the correct help.

  26. Does having flat feet cause your knees to tilt inwards slightly? I notice that if Iโ€™m standing and lift the insides of my feet slightly my knees feel better aligned.

  27. I have been wearing Arcopedico for years. Great support but they are vegan and my feet stink. What is a good leather dress shoe for women?

  28. "Have to try on 5 or 6 pairs of shoes" made me want to laugh & cry at the same time. I have horrible feet to fit shoes (flat, wide & toes go straight across like Fred Flinstone) & it takes hours at the store or like 5 rounds of multiple shoe Zappos orders. ๐Ÿ™ I second someone else's comment that I would love a video about shoes for wide feet with great arch support.

  29. I'm glad to hear the information that you both give. So many times people say you need to break in your shoes which I never believed. And your feet are very important, looks without good functionality are no longer great shoes I believe. This thinking needs to continue in order to help other people understand how connected the body is.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

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