Good morning and welcome to another vlog! I was supposed to be in Finland, Lahti right now but today it’s Friday and yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. It’s a bit better today but the throat is still sore. So no competition for me this weekend. I’ll be home and hopefully recover well so I can prepare for the 50 km next weekend. As I said it feels a bit better today, so that was a relief. So hopefully it won’t get any worse. Said, but that’s how it is. So instead I get to entertain oneself with other things. Now I’m fixing with the media bench again. It’s pretty much done at this point. It’s painted and the countertop is in place. I stain the countertop. The only thing left is to make a hole in the back for all the cables and stuff. After that it’s one. It takes some time but it’s fun to do something else. It’s hard to get the time to do things when you’re away every weekend but now I got the time to finish it and then I’ll take it inside. I need to fix one thing first since it’s so long. Our power outlets is placed quiet high on the wall The outlet won’t be placed under the bench So instead I need to make a hole in the back here for the power outlet. So the power outlet will be in this cabinet. So I can cover all the cables and stuff. I need to make a whole here also. The cables will go down here and in there. I think it’ll be great. What do you think? Overall a chill day for me. I’m going to rest tomorrow as well. Hopefully, if I haven’t gotten worse and it feels good I can start training on Sunday again. Maybe not the best preparation for a 50 km race but that’s how it is. You just have to deal with it. Favorite place. At this time of year at least. Over there you can see the mountains. Great weather today. Oh my god. I’m just out and moving a bit. Very slow and easy. It feels quite good actually. My throat wasn’t sore this morning and I don’t feel sick or anything. That’s a relief, so I’m just out and getting some fresh air. Not bad day. I changed my mind, it’s even nicer up here. Here you get a look over the whole village and half of our municipality. This is where you run on the summer as well. Maybe I should take a seat and watch some cross country skiing. This isn’t too bad. It became winter again. From bright sunshine and really nice weather yesterday but now it’s snowing really much. It hasen’t been that much this winter even if it has been good here in Åsarna it has been less snow than normal. I’m going to shovel the driveway and after that I’m going to show you tips on five things I think you should’ve If you like cross country skiing and like to train in general. So hang tight before I show you, I’m just going to shovel first. Now. Now I’m in my wax room. We start right away. First tips, number one. It’s a liquid belt. I think everybody should have one. No matter if you’re out training or walking on your skis. The important thing is that it’s a screw cap. It shouldn’t be like those water bottle caps or a belt that comes with a bunch of smaller bottles. That’s completely useless if you ask me when you’re going to train distance or just taking it easy. But if you’re going to compete or do longer races then it’s better to have a waist belt with a water hose. So you can drink while you compete. But if you’re just going to train or be out on a trip a water belt with a screw cap it is. This can also be a mug. Which you can drink from. Very good. The good thing about it is that it’s isolated. So you can fill it with hot water and it’ll last for 2-3 hours. Also you have a pocket here on the top. You can open and have whatever you like here. You can have waxes, phone or anything really. So this is a thing everyone should get. There’s a lot of brands that have this sort of water belt. It might cost around 300-500 SEK. But screw cap is the most important thing, it’ll last the longest. And easier to clean. If you ski a lot it’s nice with good glide. So tips number two is to buy a glide paraffin in liquid form. I think I’ve showed this one before. All wax brand make some sort of liquid paraffin. You just screw up the cork and then you just spread it out on the base, let it dry and then brushes of with a nylon brush. Very simple and smooth. So you don’t have to deal with iron and stuff like that. Works really fast. I train a lot on these ones. If you’re out and train it’s never fun to freeze. It has a tendency to ruin the fun. So tip number three is an odd one. A shoe cover. A cover you put over your ski boot when it’s cold. My feet freeze quite easily. Specially if it’s colder than -10 degrees. If you’re out and train when it’s -15 degrees it’s not than fun after 30-60 minutes. Not if your feet is freezing. So shoe cover is something to invest in if you’re like me and it’s cold outside. There’s also covers which are water resistant so your feet dosen’t get wet. Since we’re taking about clothes and not freezing… I think we should talk about base layers. I’ve been sponsored by craft for so many years now, so I only own base layers from them. But there’s probably a lot of different brands with great base layers out there. I thought I would show you two different ones. If you’re going to train, you need to have performance material. So you don’t get cold when you sweat. You need to be able to transport away the moisture. Anyway, this is a base layer from CRAFT that’s really good, it’s very thin and it breaths really well. So pants and a shirt is something everybody would’ve if you train. If you’re out and train in base layers of cotton you surely will be cold and wet fast. When it’s a bit colder outside wool is really good. The downside is that it gets really warm if you train in it when it’s not so cold. Here we’ve a thin base layer in merino wool from CRAFT. Like this. This one is also really great if you’re outside when it rains and you get wet since I believe you don’t get that cold if you have wool as a base layer. Also under the category base layers I think you should’ve a pair of wind protective underwear. This is the same material as the regular base layers but you’ve a wind stopper material in the front. You can find it both for men and women. Here I also think you shouldn’t have cotton as a first layer. So therefore I think it’s really great with a pair of wind protective underwear. The last but also the most expensive tips. If you’re out and train it can be fun to measure and keep track of your workouts. Therefore a sport watch can be fun. I’m also sponsored by Garmin. I got this watch, it’s a Fenix 6. Looks like this. Now this one is extremely expensive. I believe it costs around 10.000 SEK. You can pretty much find anything on this watch. You can find maps and all different kinds of programs. I think that’s a bit unnecessary if you’re just going to exercise. There’s a lot of watches that’s a lot cheaper than 10.000 SEK. You can get a great watch for 1.500 SEK so you can see HR, time and distance. That’s what i think is the most important and what I look at when I train. So a sport watch around 1500 – 2000 SEK is more than enough if you want a great watch. Sport watches today is so good that you get a nice one for that price range. So that’s my five tips on things you should’ve if you like to be out and exercise and train. So I hope that was somehow interesting. The vlog ended up a bit different this week since I didn’t went to Finland. I haven’t been training that much either. So therefore I had to come up with something else. Hopefully it gave you some tip or advice. Maybe we can do more of this in the future. It’s Sunday today and I did a session this morning. It felt good today as well. So the 50 km in Holmenkollen next weekend should not be in danger. So that’s what we prepare for. We’ll see how it goes since I’ve been sick this week but I’ll do my best. No it’s calling. Let’s wrap this up Take care. Bye! Hello!


  1. Thank you very much for the English subtitles. The woodworking was fun and the ski/training tips were really helpful. Please do more of them! Sorry you couldn’t make it to Lahti. Hope you are feeling better. 😁

  2. 1) The entertainment center looks great, so awesome job; 2) love the variety on this vlog; 3) looked like moose tracks on the ski trail?!; 4) nice pointers 5) get totally well and tear it up in the 50K.

  3. Kan inte du gör en film om hur du blandra sport dryck och om vad du tycker om sport dryck får gärna ta med det till lanslaget

  4. Som Stockholmare finns det en sjätte bästa sak. Skärande rill! Men ni har väl inte plusgrader i Åsarna…

  5. Tjena Jens, du får gärna gå igenom lite detaljerat vad du filmar med och vilken dator du har osv! Lite intressant och se hur de går till bakom kameran med 🙂

  6. I have two pairs of the craft wind underwear shorts they're The most important piece of clothing that I own! I love them!

  7. I believe it is much better to go to the starting line under trained then overt rained. Be healthy and rested rather then possibly ill and tired.

  8. I would be interested in learning more about waxing – I don't know anything about it. Thanks for the video and get well!

  9. Grymt snygg TV-bänk…..kan man måttbeställa? 😉 Krya på dig Jens och "kötta" på den kommande 5 milen! 🙂

  10. Yes, dear Jens, your tips as a pro are of a great value fro all of us. It would be interesting to get to know more on nutrition during the races.

  11. Tack för ännu en bra video! Till våren tänkte jag komma igång med rullskidåkning. Är nybörjare och ska till en början låna utrustning, tänkte jag. Om du vill får du gärna göra en video med tips vad det gäller rullskidor när säsongen börjar närma sig sen. 😃

  12. As a first-time Nordic skier going on my first EVER trip next week, inspired by folks like you Jens 🙂 , I found the clothing tips particularly useful. Thanks!

  13. Nice job on the media cabinet. I like the five items recommendations…very useful. Please do more of that for other ski equipment. Always good to learn from an experienced athlete.
    PS – I get sore throats too, when I'm run down from overdoing it or if I get chilled.

  14. Hello Jens, thank you very much for your cool vlog and your tips. What is the brand of the liquid paraffin you use?

  15. Det kunne være fint at høre lidt mere om, hvordan du bruger pulsen i forbindelse med træning og konkurrence.
    Analysere du din træning og konkurrencer for, hvordan pulsen er?

  16. Hello Jens, please use CPC spray (cetyl pyridinium chloride) spray to kill the germs that are likely causing your sore throat.

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