First time home buyer myths ! Buyer and Seller Education Episode # 013

– Hello everyone, it’s Maya
Minic, Revelation Real Estate, hoping you’re having a good day. And today’s our episode
number 13, (laughs) lucky number, or maybe not. Today, we will be talking
about home buyer myths, and there’s many, but
we’re gonna be focusing on couple only of, three actually. And the first one I’ll say will be, I got lots of, it’s not right time, and this is not just from
the first home buyers and buyers in general,
also investors will say, it’s not a good time, will be waiting, and my advice on that is, the right time, it’s when you are ready, and
especially if you’re renting, I won’t really wait for so much longer, because we really don’t
know what’s gonna happen. When, if you’re investing,
then try to find a good deal, that’s probably better way
to look into the (laughs) buying a good deal, then
waiting for something to happen, and we really don’t know
what’s gonna happen. So, right time, it’s when
you are ready, and if you, when you get, when you find a good deal. But that’s why I’m
here, so please call me. Another tip, another myth that I got a lot is that buyers think that
they have to put 20% down, and 20% down is only if you,
if it’s conventional loan, I mean, if you want to avoid paying insurance with PMI, and that’s mostly with conventional. And that’s also, I mean,
those questions are really for the lenders, I have couple
great, amazing lenders that will answer all of your questions, so I’m not gonna go
through that part too much, I’m just gonna tell you that that’s not true, you can put three, five, even no down payment if you
wanna go through that route and get down payment assistance program. So there’s different way. I’ll focus, on checking your credit score, and just be sure you
have some money saved, which, it’s buyer myth number three, when they think that they only need money for a down payment, which,
actually, it’s not true. You need money for closing
costs, which, sometimes, sellers can pay, but, in
buyer’s market, probably, but in seller’s market,
rarely, (laughs) they will, but sometimes they’ll go up on the price, but really, you never know. It’s, I always like to try
and see what’s gonna happen, if there’s no other offers,
or that part, again, let me do it, (laughs)
negotiation is what I love to do. And, so, yeah, I mean, you really don’t, you need some money, of course, but not just for down payment,
you need to save some money for different things like
inspections, appraisals, it really, it kind of adds up, so my advice is, save
some cash, and be ready. And I’m here, if you
have any other questions, please message me, call me,
we can meet and discuss. I’m working on my new
buyer’s and seller’s guide that will be ready, hopefully,
by end of this year, where you can get all
information you needed, so I can just send you that in your email, or we can meet up and
I can give it to you. So call me if you have any questions. Thank you, bye. (gentle music)

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