Family Guy – Peter Sells Junk Food

What’s going on man, you pregnant? No, my wife watched that food documentary. And you should never ask that unless you’re sure by the way. Ah, yeah… peanut butter cup, Doritos, sausage car panini now. Now let’s crack a Cadbury egg over the whole thing With my spare glove compartment underwear as a napkin. I can’t believe Randy Quaid gets to eat like this every day Peter is that you? Cleveland? Are you cooking in your car? … I am Is this because of ‘Food Kills’? Oh, you saw that movie too? We watched Tyler Perry’s ‘Food Kills’, which is the same movie except it stars black folks. You’ve never heard of and white folks you don’t hear from anymore, but yeah Now Donna is forcing me to eat healthy. I always get confused is Donna the wife, or is Roberta the wife I don’t know man can I have some of that sandwich. Our hands just touched Hmm Wow Peter, that’s good, that’s real good I’m not sure what we’re doing now.. Excuse me, whatever you’ve gotten there smells incredible, man My wife won’t let me eat any of that stuff. Tell you what I’ll give you ten bucks for that thing. Yeah, me too Wow huh if I sell two sandwiches for $10 each dad equals Money Peter you just made $20 from two sandwiches. Oh, you’re right. Hey, maybe I could turn this into a business You know selling sandwiches from a car wonder how much I could make Whoops, I stopped thinking about math and started thinking about baby man Billy Corgan being sad at Disneyland Peter what the hell is this this Lois is my new food truck Specialize in an all the delicious unhealthy foods that you won’t let me eat Cuz you know let me eat what I want to eat And and I am super dizzy and there might be a gas leak in this thing I Can’t believe you’d buy a food truck what are you even selling first of all believe it baby second mostly hamburgers where the buns is jelly doughnuts and Drinks where hotdogs is the straws Another milkshake, please look I’m happy for the business, but drinking that on your knees is it’s putting a hat on a hat look at this food It’s gross and unhealthy it’s exactly the stuff. I’m trying to get you not to eat Yeah, but people like this food it makes them happy I mean you could eat sprouts and vegan crap your entire life and still get devoured by gremlins and and and none of it matters So you’re saying you shouldn’t take care of yourself because you might get devoured by gremlins get a clue mama Think of what you’re doing to your body PETA. Oh there we go you think I’m overweight. I know you’re overweight Yeah, I’ll have the swedish fish tacos you want the can of chili dumped on top or on the side? What does the chef recommend me I like to squeeze the cans so hard the chili flies into my mouth like Popeye do it up You get it. Let me put on my bandana fire up my very loud. What generator and get cooking I’ll be $16 $16 that’s expensive Yes, sir Everything’s very expensive because you’re paying for it on an iPad Now if you’ll just select a gratuity options are sixty percent 90 percent and two hundred percent Uh, I guess 60 percent okay great and just sign by dragging your bare finger across this thing. I use to masturbate uh Okay Thank you. Please make sure to bang your head on that low-hanging thing. What are you? Oh? You spilled something you want a napkin yes, please alright. Here’s 40 blown by the wind

100 comments on “Family Guy – Peter Sells Junk Food

  1. 0:55
    Peter: I always get confused is donna the wife or roberta the wife Cleveland: I dont know man can I have some of that sandwich

    Had me in stiches

  2. its like putting a hat on a hat

    Like Meg on the intro when she takes off the top hat and shes still wearing her usual hat.

  3. 2:02 This was gonna be an idea my brother-in-law wanted as well but with mexican food including candy, which I said it was a good idea. Of course, he later didn't proceed with it because my sister barged in with lousy vegan food ideas leading me to lose my temper, and my brother in-law getting startled with our arguing.

  4. Notice how when Peter says in the video to that guy that It would be $16, the guy never actually paid Peter in the end.

  5. Can someone explain the joke to me at 0:28 "I can't believe Randy Cray gets to eat like this everyday" ? Tried to google this guy but didn't found anything.

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