Extraordinary Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 Trilogy Put On Auction, The Collector’s Dream

The following watches represent the super highlight of this auction as we are talking about three versions of the legendary 1518 Patek Philippe; one in steel that would probably hit the roof yellow gold version and a pink gold version quite an amazing trilogy. In 1941, Ref. 1518 was launched it was the most complicated wristwatch in the world made in series in the midst of a war. Now what we know about this steel watch that it was made in 1943 and sold to Hungary in February of 1944. Now think of Budapest in 1944 , I mean it was when Russia, Allies, German forces were all over the place fighting the last 12 months of world war II and there was someone a gentleman with the name of Joseph Lang who not only order this one which is number one of the series known, but the very same day and he also took delivery of a second stainless steel is definitely the most low-key in terms of looks but of course also the rarest and I believe whether it stamps or wine or art or cars, rarity matters, it’s the missing link in many collections so it’s quite an event to the new generation of collectors who may not even remember the previous two offerings in the noughties and in the nineties before. The pink one has also extremely fascinating history the watch is virtually unworn unpolished condition i come hardly remember such as strong and well defined case with such a deep hallmark here but when you turn the watch over it says that it was a gift in 1952 to a gentleman with the name of HH Windsor Junior and HH Windsor jr. is Henry Haven Windsor Junior of the Windsor family, the famous publishers who invented and launched Popular Mechanics and Mr. Windsor received his watch exactly on the 50th anniversary of the launch of Popular Mechanics from his associates business partners and employees. The watch fifty years later appears at this jewelry auction on the west coast in America and there as a one-family ownership trophy goes into one of the most important private collections for where we have it now consigned for the first time in a watch auction however we have no confirmation from Patek Philippe on how many examples they made in yellow gold or pink gold or stainless steel. We do know how many the market has seen pink we think was only about twenty percent of the entire production with eighty percent being yellow gold and until now we only know for example in stainless steel. We have a very nice selection of Patek Phlippes also outside to the 1518 trilogy. I think one of the most wonderful and touching stories is the reference 565 in stainless steel with a unique black dial featuring luminous arabic numerals. The original owner was here in Geneva and was serving for many many years loyaly and faithfully at Patek Philippe as the night watchman. He did check and supervise the premises at night and in 1961 i believe it was for a Jubille or for his retirement the Stern family graciously gave him as a retirement gift this reference 565 with a unique dial that would shine in darkness very symbolic for the night watchman. Another very beautiful story is this 1463 here the 1463 was in production for nearly three decades from the early forties till the very late sixties and was together with its split second sister model of 1563 the only chronograph that has round pushers and they screw back this watch here comes from the family of the original owner who ordered it at Cartier in New York and look at the cardio signature on the dial the watch has also its original cardiac deployment buckle now we have changed the strap to a clean Cartier strap but when we received it it still had the original strap and look what if looked like. And this dial is absolutely immaculate thankfully the waterproof case of course protects the dial from humidity from dust Another highlight for the savvy Patek Philippe collectors is this reference 2438-1 first of all it’s based on the kind of 27 SC that was the world’s first perpetual calendar movement with center seconds but then in the second half of the fifties actually went one step further and added a new case construction for this sister reference which was waterproof. The bezel could no longer be removed it with one piece and the case back was screwed the water humidity could not enter its high-tech with a manual wine center seconds perpetual calendar but made already for a clientele who eventually goes fishing goes yachting, sailing with the perpetual calendar. Less than 20 pieces are known today making it a very exclusive watch and I really believe few watches have such a timeless strong masculine gentlemanly appeal as this example here

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  1. A truly incredible collection of Patek Philippe timepieces, yes.. But are we just going to ignore that awesome clock in the back?!

  2. Talk about getting a 'gold watch' from work. Popular Mechanics magazine wasn't messing around. What are the chances I'll get a Patek upon retirement XD

  3. Absolutely adore this fine bracelet, must be very comfortable to wear. Thanks for showing us, as always very good videos from you guys! 🙂


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