Event Characters 2 + Glasses on Sale! (READ DESCRIPTION!)

Hello Everybody! Welcome Back to Fredbear and Friends! Today I Will Be Doing 2 Things. First, the Event Characters 2! Let’s Get Right Into It! NONCENCE OK, So ANYWAY, Come Here. See the Fence End? Right Here, You Should be Climbing. The NEW Way to Get On the Roof! XD SO, Come Over to the Middle… Thing. So Now You Should Click My Feet… AGAIN! Double Click JUST IN CASE! Now, You Reset. Right Here, You Will Have… Scrap Endo, Unwhithed Funtime Chica, Ignited Bonnie, and Reversionette! Ok, Now for… 39! Here is Where Ignited Bonnie Kept on Flinging Me and Giving me a Hard Time. OK Guys, So You Jump on 1,3,4,6,7,8,10, Then You Click 9. BOOM! Click It! And, BOOM, There He Is! The Rest Of The Video Is of Me Messing Around, So Feel Free to Skip to the End. If You Enjoyed This Video, (And Captions As Well,) Like The Video, And If Your’e New Around Here, Why Not Subscribe? And Don’t Forget to Check Out this Game! BYE!!

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