Ellen Pompeo Auctions Off a Starbucks Date with the Audience

[POUNDING] Order. [LAUGHTER] All right, We’re back
with Ellen Pompeo. And we were going to auction
her off to the highest bidder. Everyone in the audience
has a bidding paddle under their chair. You can pick up
your bidding paddle. All right. And whatever we end
up at, Ulta Beauty is going to match
whatever we come up with. Ooh, nice. So what are we doing? We’re going to send you on
a VIP experience on the lot. You’re going to walk
to Starbucks, you guys. [LAUGHS] [CROWD CHEERS] Yeah, but we’ll pay. So whatever you–
you know, you can get whatever you want at Starbucks. I think they sell sunglasses. Mints. Aventa, if you want, mints,
and you can walk and ask Ellen anything. She’ll tell you anything. And so this is for
breast cancer research. It’s not just for me or for her. It’s for breast cancer research. So the money is going to– OK, we’re going to start
the bidding at $50. Do I see $50? There’s– OK. $75. We’re going to– $75. Let’s see $100. $100. Let’s see $150. $150. $175. $185 $200. $250. $300. She’s just keeping her hand up. [LAUGHTER] $350. $400. $500. $600. I love you. [LAUGHTER] It’s coffee with Ellen Pompeo. So we’re back to $600. We have two people. $650. $700. $750. She said $1,000– She said $1,000. Who said $1,000? Me. All right. $1,050. $1,200. $1,500. All right, I’ll match $1,500. You know what? The fact that you stayed up
there till $1,200, right? And you just left at $1,500. I think you both get
to go with Ellen. I think both of you. Come on down. [APPLAUSE] Hi. Hi. What’s your name? Kelly. Kelly, from Santa Barbara. Nice to meet you, Kelly. Hi, how are you? I’m well, thank you. Hi, Sarah. Nice to meet you. Hi, Kelly. Hi, what’s your name? Sarah. Hi, Sarah, how are you? Good, how are you? OK, so you had your
hand the entire time. You weren’t going
to put it down. No. OK, why was this so
important for you? Well, one for breast
cancer research. My uncle is now battling cancer. And also I’ve watched
Grey’s Anatomy since I was in grade three. So this is like a
dream come true. Wow, fantastic. Good reasons. And you? You went to $1,000 right away. I did. Our first nanny,
who’s like family, her mom Sonya was my
kids so-so grandma, passed away from breast
cancer, ovarian cancer after surviving breast cancer. Any time I can do anything for
breast cancer research, I will. That’s fantastic. Can I also– [APPLAUSE] Can I also say something– Yes. About that? I just recently heard–
and I did not know this– that ovarian
cancer, all it takes is a simple ultrasound
to detect it. And when you go to the
doctor, health insurance won’t pay for the ultrasound. You have to ask
for an ultrasound. So when you go to the
doctor for your mammograms or your checkups, make sure
you ask for the ultrasound. Because ovarian cancer is
not detected otherwise. And it’s a simple ultrasound. And you can catch it and live. Fantastic. All right, and so
Ellen also said you were going to
match the $1,500. I absolutely will
match the $1,500. All right, So and then
$2,400 from these ladies. And our friends at Ulta are
going to match that donation. And you all are going to
go to Starbucks soon– maybe now. Grey’s Anatomy airs
Thursdays at 8:00 on ABC. It’s a wonderful show. She is wonderful. Enjoy it. All right, we’re going
to check in with Ellen Pompeo and our auction
winners, Sarah and Kelly. See how they’re– hi, you guys. Hi. Yes. It’s a close walk. So who’s in there? Anybody else famous in
there, besides Ellen? We haven’t even looked. We haven’t even looked. When they asked me
what my name was, I told them it was
Ellen DeGeneres. Oh, that’s fine. They don’t know. They’ve never seen me,
so they’ll think it’s me. All right, there’s other stuff
in there if you want to shop. It’s on Ellen. Whatever you want to get. There’s some
T-shirts behind you. And anything at all. Put the money to
the cancer research. All right. Yes, exactly. All right, well, thank
you so much, you guys. Thanks for being here. And I appreciate the donation. Ellen, I love you. Thanks so much. Love you too. Thanks so much, Ellen. Thanks, Ellen.

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  1. Ellen u are great 👍 lady love ❤️ u my bueaty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Yeah so the girl from Canada is now basically a celebrity here on Ontario I've heard the radio talk about her at least 10 times since ove seen this video

  3. That's a really great initiative, it not only make people happy on meeting their favorite celebs but also supports such noble cause. I Love you so much Ellen. Thank You for Existing.

  4. Will Ellen be the ginny pig for Kris Jenner? Will she try to clear up the story for Kris?
    The world is unto Kris Jenner and how she does.

    People are tired of Kris controlling her children's relationships and their men. It looks like every time her daughters wants to move on with their lives and have real normal lives it seems like Kris have stations paid to put out negativity on their relationships.

    It seems like she reports things on them that they did not do themselves. Her ways are obvious now.
    I hope she don't drag Ellen in her deceptiom.
    The world is tired of this manipulation and controlling behavior.
    The world has had enough of this form of foolery.

  5. when asked to pick up whatever, and she said put that money towards charity, hats off to that 🙂 we need more of that

  6. I wanna sooo bad to the ellen show but i cant because i live in a Tiny island and my parents dont have the money also i am 12 years old

  7. Hi Ellen I love you and you are so kind,fun you make me smile every time watch your show. It would be a dream come if I ever meet you. And I have a story to tell the world about it. I also want to let people how much hard times my family and I been through.

  8. You ruin everything. Let me just make a list of the things you ruin:

    •Peoples lives
    •And much, much more

  9. Do it again for the man with the big dogshelter!! All money would go for food and electricty for his 500 dogs, which were rescued from starving.

  10. I love Ellen Pompeo but the information about getting ultrasound screening is incorrect. She interjected in earnest but a retraction or something needs to be made because saying that is slightly dangerous. I come from the UK so I don't know if women with insurance will have to pay extra but to think that women who don't have insurance will now pay money that they can't afford to be falsely reassured worries me.

  11. what i would do to have a lunch date with ellen …
    and what i would do if i did have a lunch date with ellen …

    a girl can dream

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