EDC Week Charity Auction 2017

The EDC Week Charity Auction is back and for the third exciting year, we are giving you the opportunity to bid on one-of-a-kind items to raise money for a great cause. Experiences like helicopter rides to EDC, backstage meet and greets, exclusive signed merchandise, and even a golden ticket that grants you access to all Insomniacs major festivals for a year. Since it was created in 2015, the charity auction has raised nearly 200 thousand dollars to benefit Las Vegas-based organizations that share Insomniac’s vision for a world united by music, dance, art, and respect for all people. Nonprofits like Culture Shock, a group that seeks to cultivate education and inspire positive change in local communities through dance. Or The Shade Tree: dedicated to improving the lives of women children and pets affected by domestic violence and crisis. In 2017 all the money raised through the EDC Week Charity Auction will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada helping bring much-needed funds to the art and culture programs of all 14 regional club houses. Thank you for helping us make a difference. you

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  1. so you guys advertise the auction in this video but can't put a link to it in the description? oh dont worry the link to buy the song in the video is there tho… SMFH

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