Doing Inktober and Questionable Purchases

13 comments on “Doing Inktober and Questionable Purchases

  1. A couple quick notes ^_^ I have been doing Inktober and I've been posting my drawings on Twitter ( I'm a little behind, but I hope to catch up~

    Also this skit was originally going to come out last week, but then my computer broke, so it's out now instead XD That's fiiiiine~

  2. Good job giving away her toys. If her cloning thing actually works out, maybe put a sticker with the number 1 on you so we know which one's the original. XD

  3. pending is literally un-killable we literally might as well make him a superhero and call him the invincible shota. actually that sounds like a good idea we should send this to todd McFarlane ASAP

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