Disney’s Purchase of FOX Explained

Hey brother! J, on this channel we talk about Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel. Right now, Disney owns every single one of those properties except for Harry Potter, which is presently owned by Warner Brothers for now. But in the recent weeks, Disney has purchased yet another massive property: Fox Entertainment. There are so many questions and implications when it comes to Disney in general, like is Anastasia a Disney princess now (full video by clicking the card) and what does it mean for their Disney parks? For example, they had already licensed the avatar from Fox back in 2011 so now they just own that outright But just across the way at Universal There is Simpsons land which is licensed from Fox just so many questions so today. We discuss what it all means. Nowadays when people refer to Disney I generally assume they’re talking about their major movie franchises Disney themselves Pixar Star Wars and Marvel what you might actually be surprised just how much more falls underneath that Disney umbrella Obviously there are the eight Disney parks in Florida, California, Japan Paris and Hong Kong But you may be less aware of their other media networks including ABC entertainment and news 80% of ESPN 30% of Hulu 50% of AME and 10% of vice and now they have added Fox Entertainment to the mix which adds a ton of new properties to their already very impressive collection, I don’t think we could possibly name them all but probably most notably would include avatar the highest-grossing film of all time Which now means that Disney owns the right to six of the top ten highest grossing films ever And then of course there is x-men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool so expect all sorts of new reboots from them although I have a feeling Brian Reynolds and Deadpool will just get away with it somehow either way it means with the exception of randomly She-hulk Disney now has access to every other Marvel character, and then of course There is also the entirety of blue-sky animation studios Which are famously responsible for I saved in the Rio movies along with others. And then finally the myriad of TV shows including Empire, Family Guy, The Simpsons Yeah, The Simpsons are now a Disney product. How weird is that, Man it is amazing What a mere fifty two point four billion dollars can get you these days isn’t it. It is probably worth mentioning that they only bought the Fox entertainment side and not the Fox News or sports channels either way to give you a scale of this purchase prior Disney owned a twenty one point eight percent of the market share for studio films and Fox was in fourth with 12 percent this means that this acquisition moves Disney to it thirty three point eight percent of the market share that is Over one third of all of the media consumed and in case you’re counting That’s almost double second place with Warner Brothers at eighteen percent market share. But as commanding as that is over the Competition and as cool as it is that we’re going to get all sorts of new a Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies none of that is the reason why Disney made this decision The real reason for this decision is to reinforce their army in the great Streaming war where their main opponent is none other than Netflix at one point. I’m Netflix owned as much as 57% of the streaming market share but in recent years with new additions to the market itself have dropped down to 36%. Netflix is story is actually Unbelievably interesting they basically built an empire sourcing all of their media from different networks And then used all of their profits to create their own media. And they are taking it seriously Netflix is pumping eight billion dollars a year into original programming and the results have been great We’ve gotten stranger things, house of cards, orange is the new black, Ki mmy Schmidt, Bojack horse man, master of none, daredevil and the list goes on all of their own original content mixed in with like seasons upon seasons of your favorite shows and Movies makes Netflix a great place to spend your money But with more networks and studios entering the streaming war and with Disney’s own Looming project for a streaming service you can imagine that all of the properties under their umbrella Might start to get pulled from the Netflix offerings and that is where things start to get extremely interesting especially between now and 2019 When Disney streaming service is pegged to launch because in addition to launching their own streaming service Disney also owns? 30% of Hulu and just purchased Fox who also owned 30% of Hulu so if I can do my math correctly 30 plus 30 is 60% controlling interest in Hulu so there is some potential to see a lot of that content being funneled out of Netflix and into Hulu at least until Disney launches its own mega subscription service and by mega service I mean access to all of Star Wars Pixar Marvel Disney Disney Animation’s blue sky, The Simpsons family Guy and Anything freaking Al’s created by either studio all in one place And then on top of that they already have plans in place to start creating some of their own original content That would only be available through the subscription service Can you imagine Disney making its own Game of Thrones quality big-budget Star Wars? I’ve action series now that I’ve mentioned it. Can you even think about anything else? I can’t or even talking about Oh, yeah That’s a real thing and it’s already in the works the point is that is a lot of entertainment And they could comfortably charge a lot for it how much would you pay a month to have access to the entire? Disney library the entire library do you have any idea how much I have personally spent buying every single movie Individually what that final monthly fee ends up being will be very interesting because as it says right now You can very comfortably subscribe to multiple different services and still have it be less than cable which like cable but if you’re Disney And you control that much media you can charge a fairly significant fee for that Service and with that people might not subscribe to multiple services which leads me to my question of the day Would you bail on Netflix? Would you just get both services? What do you think about this acquisition and most importantly which franchise? are you most excited to see rebooted under the Disney umbrella leave your thoughts in the towel section down below like Personally we love Disney I’m so excited about having access to everything in one particular place, but I don’t know how I feel about how it almost like monopolizes all of entertainment and a special Thanks to these patrons who support super Carlin brothers on patreon but guys as always Thanks for watching Be sure to like this video and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already If you’d like to see some more Disney history action from us You can click right here to see the mouse that saved Disney Or if you would like to join our patreon I specifically recommend the three dollar reward option where you can enter our discord? It’s basically a chatroom that Jay, and I have opened on our computers all day every day You can kind of hop on there Ask us questions about anything or just really talk to us in general you can check out our patreon right here, but Jay That’s all I’ve got for you today, man. I will see you on Tuesday

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  1. Who else is waiting for Disney to fall like all the other Empires in history but even tho Disney is bigger than the other Empires means that we get to see the biggest downfall of an Empire.

  2. let me show you what your beloved Disney really does. and oh, besides the fact that the whole of Disney is focused on magic and the occult, and besides it having 3 sixes within the logo itself, if you mirror the logo vertically… it spells "Wicked". — besides all that, let me show you how it is giving you a brand of satanism called luciferianism, messaging you what is also fed through Hollywood, Rap and Rock music, Pop music (industries that are arguably under satanic influences). enjoy:

  3. CORRECTION: 71.3 billion dollars…they own forty percent market share, the numbers have gone up since the actual transition.

  4. You know what, I love Disney but I dont like it monopolysing everything. Also, I like Netflix and their original contents and I can’t bail on The Umbrella Academy or the k-dramas or Stranger Things and other sitcoms (they should add Modern Family back tho smh). So I will stay with Netflix for sure and maybe get Disney+ if it’s not too expensive or if I can share the account/monthly fee with my friends. If not, then I’ll just go pirate their stuff, they have enough money already. I dont like pirating stuff but oh well.

  5. ((( T h e _ A w a k e n i n g )))
    C O N T R O L – T H E – M I N D – A N D – T H E – B O D Y – W I L L – F O L L O W !  !  !

  6. Expect the conservative anchors on fox to be harassed by Fox management and expect more left leaning hosts to appear, not good !




  8. I just checked my current cost for netflix and disney+ cost it turns out disney+ is £3 cheaper (per month) so… yea wanda vision, loki and she hulk is enough to make me abandon netflix alone never mind the mandalorian and ms marvel and its cheaper! I am 100% switching

  9. I am so excited for Disney plus but what will Disney buy next

    80 years later….
    Disney owns the world and everything but DC

  10. I can’t wait to get a reboot for x-men,fantastic four, home alone, night at the museum, and even maybe die hard into a tv show

  11. I wonder if Disney buys toho and creates Godzilla movies and buys king kong too

    My mind:they'll make them kid friendly

    Also my mind: 😓

  12. 2018- Disney buys Fox
    2019- Disney buys Sony
    2020- Disney buys Apple
    2021- Disney buys DC
    2022- Disney buys Netflix
    2023- Disney buys Xbox
    2024- Disney buys PlayStation
    2025- Disney buys Nintendo
    2026- Disney buys Dreamworks
    2027- Disney buys Area 51
    2028- Disney buys the United States
    2029- Disney buys earth

  13. Warner, Sony, Paramount, Universal. Long ago all the studios lived together in harmony, then everything changed when Disney bought Fox. Only Netflix, partner of all companies could stop them, but when the world needed them most, they rise their prices.

  14. Dont you know are Disney overlords all ready own it all but can't let all the info out at once cause people would for some reason freak. which I'm cool with my overlords

  15. Something about this feels very wrong Disney is seriously monopolizing the entertainment industry almost every billion dollar franchise is now owned by Disney think about this also it's not just that they own all if that but the networks they have I influence over now is crazy imagine if they bought YouTube then the game is officially over everywhere you weather its online streaming TV movies m Disney owns it or is making money from it once there streaming service comes out later this year its just a matter of time before Netflix Is faded out and like I said if they buy YouTube for like billions of dollars like they have the money to do its realkt over that would mean Disney controls everything you watch in eveanyway something seems wrong aboyt this

  16. Some are upset at Disney that they are purchasing other studios. I’m thinking…why? I should be upset at these other studios for folding and selling there studios to Disney. They aren’t being forced to sell its all a choice that’s business.

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