DESIGNER HANDBAGS IN 600 PALLET STORAGE WARS AUCTION I bought an abandoned storage unit

Jewellery seven that is $600 go cores
ladies in general we have found thousands of dollars and potential eBay
items of all ages it is all your captain speaking we are here about to do another
unboxing with all these beautiful mystery boxes trying to get loaded for
the flea market get this thing sorted get our ebay pile we got stuff
everywhere if you’ve missed these videos eBay eBay tens of thousands of possible
Russians they tens it down impossible 10,000 and sewing equipment right here
just in that box plus that $3,000 pile there it just keeps coming look at this
I can’t even tell you some of the price on this convection commercial oven $600
bail you’re looking to stuff all over the place anyway let’s get going right
now see these time to see makes you think
everything is just good village 303 bit F 10 bedroom 1 mm nothing special
take that out to stop then lay it out another rug doesn’t look to be anything
special to me 50 to a hundred bucks on these rugs when I’m laid out I’ll check
the tags a little better small nose I like big nose better because big notes
speak bigger volumes Rolex watch come on time dream the Lord
lighting true believe papyrus 50 pack a minidisc those are actually saved watching waterproof parks some will have
to look these binoculars up Parker parks those look like they might be very good
binoculars cool 1 2 1 USD TomTom I’m where you new phone oh yeah those things from that back on
that air that’s what I’m talking about what do we got here
let’s see Genesis live who the stones imagination just goes single oh there
you going for my the gap band is that getting over you fat back Fred up coup
let’s sign my pack aftermath the Rolling Stones that’s when you play like fishin
Chaka Khan the whispers back memories awful night as the beat goes on Rick
James fire it up who’s that tell me Houston Manhattan’s after Valentine’s Day crazy brothers
Isaac Hayes with the good ones bass people there we go that’s a twenty five
thirty dollar album there we this guy really help the band okay
war board why can’t we be friends I ever went to boots these rubber band is
they’re not the greatest conditioned records got one Led Zeppelin so that’s
one thirty dollar record probably set these aside for record man GT Express we think with this second
knock off George Foreman okay go ahead open the kitchen plastic 40 years okay
you don’t know that they don’t never have anything else in the plastics biscuit eat me bulldog I thought there
was jewelry in there yeah there’s my dog blankets but look at
that what is that surprised you don’t like
these look at these oh they’re vibrant hugs nice these are good money here
those like 150 dollar pair of Uggs really yeah easy probably more actually
in the store cold cup $200 pair born no those are Tommy hilfinger look at
that size are those over than half mm-hmm I don’t know we’re gonna set
these aside they could be you really feel like you’re a hug she’ll keep
acting up all night and neat that’s the only thing I’ll put my – my stuff honor
those hangers yo chick some but uh I’ll just see you worn pants you wanna you
know be happy about that she probably would if you didn’t touch
the time do your laundry new girl everybody in a good mood she was on it
and she made me both how many seven pounds
Oh five pounds of hamburger a pound of bacon and a pound of sauce thanks for
bringing me some today it was dreaming any two for $12 see this right here
this is a good lot on eBay so if you figure they’re two for twelve one two
three four five six seven eight nine there’s nine times that 48 you give them
30 bucks and what are we gonna get the flea market probably six bucks awkward
that on eBay Tommy Levi’s Calvin Klein’s all the
clothes I’m going to be setting aside at the flea market for clothes lady to come come on be good BCBG generation I think that’s a good
shoe right there Mountain hard gear set better so I made for you you know battle michael kors on for Mike that’s a cute little purse Betsey
Johnson that looks like a very expensive piece they will set that aside here
Tyler Road in the Tyler Road an expensive one
for my road in yeah that was her entire face huh
right hopefully she didn’t say that she was ugly just said this was her entire
face wall she means all this how do you what happened what is that we can’t see cameras second
it’s like a get-out-of-jail-free card that bug soon well I don’t like the
vintage collection Malcolm X and Martin Luther King photo took photography circa
1964 these photos have been recovered Arkansas reciting the men will be
auctioned and after restoration each photographs and ham trends in sepia tone
custom mark Reuben gallery I like this Malcolm X and Martin Luther
King two very powerful and influential human beings of the 1900 I might keep
this piece actually what is that pieces of furniture special definitely the big
book came up in the back what’s this for Kirby down $12,000 vacuum machine it goes to 6
bucks when you try to reach em see why I’m trying to look in the one thing but
as I do I bet you Uncle Michael might like that
one for him here I’m looking at everything else as my mind is constantly
searching for something else to be George knew me what is that
the first mint being treble board recognizes that one for Tina to go in
the back she don’t what is this sensational green any what I think it is
this sure looks like it isn’t it why do you want all that kind of get
soaked our set aside Kyle is becoming overwhelming I do want to get that bookshelf in the
back there one to lash beautiful making effortless okay I put mine for the
storages in the house today anyway come on hidden hundred-dollar
bill anytime access to the pepto you know
whenever five hundred dollar bills inside of wallets anymore twenty-five
dollars itunes giftcard nice Michael what Maui
Jim’s empty dang it ooh broken Maui Jim these would have
been expensive they need a bolt – Michael are these Tiffany lamps I’m
smarter a man of your age should already know by now how to work smarter not
harder don’t get you I don’t get you there that was $6.99 order picture pass
headset transmitter and cr7 when the drivers used to wear these back
in the day movers maybe the oh yes look at that two hundred and forty-nine
dollars right here that makes more than 367 that is six hundred dollars and
stuff well it’s a tripod for filming actually we should take this home and
maybe see no its Xfinity I’m squad Michael Jordan Michael Jordan it’s been
too many minutes since I found it oh it’s just been a few minutes of them on
Friday six on a dollar score that’s a nice mop but this brand new
isn’t it you go to a special mom yep or butter truck it is yeah brand-new faucet no this is an eBay some
type of Delta Fox I’ll bet you that’s $100 you to go buy that in stores
probably two brand-new soldering station 129 dollars that’s a little bit too much this is a printer this is a printer for
the sewing things an EC 1 pattern controller right here speed lock I’m
thinking it’s four it looks like a box for that and not the singer that’s money
because if you remember those things could be more expensive than the sewing
machines themselves bedroom hello joonie and Burke always a good brand
first lady is gonna be good very busy that is probably a 20 to 50
dollar bill easily you know somebody asked me to buy a blow-up bed on for
Michael somebody asked me if I’d sell them a blow-up bed in a video yesterday
Perlina teks by god yeah they wanted to buy a blow up blow
up in it looks like sterling on the side almost be Chanel Gucci no it is Desmond
much I don’t know what there’s mo is made in Italy desmo we’re gonna have to
look this up because I don’t think I’ve ever found a desmo purse are we getting
here made in Chico California it’s kind of cool that immerse Universal Michael Michael Kors I thought it was gonna say
her mez you know the difference between Michael Kors in her man says you know
looks nice Michael Kors about tenrecs look at that Michael Kors that’s
probably 75 or 100 dollar purse we’ve been finding a lot of Michael Kors
purses lately it’s a pretty nuts Michael Kors in the bag Kenneth Cole Kenneth Cole is not hot
until Michael Kuipers this is maybe 40 50 bucks I
would speculate or a new slightly used I don’t want to click baked chicken Cara
Lee we don’t want to click bait do we what’s that one say here’s your cat the
Ireland or a 1v1 type person reason Uzi made in China
to me this is actually good here that’s a good brand Cole Han took a
doctor’s bag doesn’t it yeah nice it’s got a shoulder strap in
there okay we’re getting somewhere that’s how you do it Michael Kors this
one here is probably a hundred and fifty dollars you know who would like this my
daughter yeah I’m just gonna say I bet she would she loved it yeah and she sent
her photos if she wants to buy it see if she does like she’s having problem
taking the brainy one I gave her Letta no she’s online portable keyboard
for what I don’t know look at home ladies in general we have found
thousands of dollars and potential eBay items in this from purses faucets we’ve
been finding Mon photos and all sorts of things I came and members have been so
many boxes I love these mystery boxes the 600
palette auction has paid off in a big way don’t forget to check out all the
other videos you could see all the stuff laying around thousands and thousands of
dollars full playlist in the description I believe if not on my channel as well
don’t get the check your notifications it says that only 20% of people’s note
of Thrones so 80% of you are missing the videos but that being said I love y’all
say goodbye to Uncle Michael tell them thanks for being here huh what are we
going nowhere the videos over Oh

45 comments on “DESIGNER HANDBAGS IN 600 PALLET STORAGE WARS AUCTION I bought an abandoned storage unit

  1. I love you pirate but if I was you i wouldnt brag about working smarter when you gambled away $65k on your are and did it in a way you said was the wrong way to do art and you turned around and did it yourself. So stop being mean to Uncle Mike

  2. You have your new house… And now all the fixings to go with it. Just like a kid in a candy store! Score tripods! An air mattress? Thanks Pirate and Uncle Mike, it was good to see both of you conversing instead of cursing. Had a relaxing time watching, it brings peace. In Christ. Amen.

  3. All HI excellent vidosy constantly you'm, have us in Russia such a there is no I would, too, these would handled. Good luck BRO.

  4. Pirate, you need a VG+ record VG+ jacket to get $30 for a US pressing of Led Zep III. You'll have to check it.
    On the other hand, the EC 1 pattern controller is definitely over $500 – some seller on eBay is asking £475 for a reconditioned one, which is $622 US.
    Surprisingly, a Cole-Haan purse similar to the one you have is $299 new.

  5. I swear to God, if you put that Kirby out at the flea market, I will fly out to California right now and give you a knuckle sandwich 👊🏼

  6. Betsey Johnson is a famous fashion designer and actually lives next door to my daughter's uncle in the Hamptons, they are good friends.

  7. Thanks for the video loved all the purses thanks uncle Michael for helping with the video hope you make good money off your EBay sales your biggest fan Tammy from North Carolina

  8. Great picture their of MLK & Malcolm X. Now all you need are photos of President John F. Kennedy & his brother Bobby Kennedy & you’d have photographic evidence of 4 of the most influential & wonderful human beings of the 20th Century. All unfortunately taken from us (assassinated) in the prime of their life. Unbelievably sad, what could have been 🙁

  9. Just use a stock photo of that huge sewing machine and list it as used! I would have listed that thing immediately it would take 2 mins to do this from your phone what are you waiting for?

  10. Love to uncle Mike☆He works very hard for you! Also. Your killing it with these boxes yet again
    Your Juju is right on the money as usual. Love ,& Respect to you ,& your family Pirate!

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