Dennis Anderson and Morgan Kane visit the Las Vegas Mecum Auction

We are here at the Mecum Auction, it’s All-Star weekend and we figured Dennis Anderson’s in town
we wanted to come over here and check this place out the Las Vegas Convention
Center I’m gonna tell you man we just popped through the back door and this is
the first thing we see and I’m an old Chevy fan from the day one of my life
and look at what’s in the background and there is tons of cars in here this
auction we get to come in behind the scenes I can’t wait to see what’s going
to go down My favorite car ever you know for
over 20 years I always had a 67 Chevelle It was somewhat kind of rough and
rugged looking but always had some big powerful motor in it and I was going out
looking for the street race with the Mustang guys Walk around this place you
kind of get some ideas and my idea my theory is that this is how we figured
out how to do moonwalks in Monster Jam That thing is probably twice as old is Tyler
Meninga but I bet you do a heck of a moonwalk in it [Dennis Anderson being an auctioneer] We’re about to go for this crazy
thrill ride in this Dodge Charger I’m so excited right now
we put Dennis in the front seats so he gets the the full experience but I’m ready to get
after this thing yeah all right yeah we get ready to go for a thrill ride out here with the Dodge folks That was awesome. I gotta tell you that.

11 comments on “Dennis Anderson and Morgan Kane visit the Las Vegas Mecum Auction

  1. So awesome to see Dennis smiling. This is just awesome.. Wonder which one is better: Charger Drifting or a Monster Truck drifting?

  2. Dennis Anderson has the best monster truck on the monster jam tour. So cool to hear his love for Chevy! Cool to hear him talk cars!

  3. Dennis Anderson must be a very nice guy to ever meet on and off the track! I would love to see him face to face. Who has ever meet Dennis Anderson?

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