Deliver Intelligent Supply Chain with Microsoft

Deliver intelligent supply chain How do I prepare my store for
the rush of the holiday season? Black Friday, Cyber Monday,
Christmas Eve… How do I anticipate and exceed
my customers’ expectations to deliver upon the promise of
next day or same day delivery? How do I avoid delays in production?
In productivity? The window of opportunity to maximize
holiday performance is small. How can I ensure my business is humming without interruptions at the time
of year that matters the most? Every morning between 7-10AM feels
like the holiday rush for Starbucks millions of cups of coffee are produced
in a concentrated amount of time caffeinating and putting smiles
on Starbucks loyal customers. Each Starbucks store has more
than a dozen pieces of equipment from coffee machines to grinders and
blenders, that must always be operational. A glitch in any of those devices can mean service calls
that rack up repair costs. But more significantly equipment problems that can potentially
interfere with Starbucks’ primary goal of providing a consistently
high-quality customer experience. To reduce disruptions,
Starbucks partnered with Microsoft and IoT enabled all its coffee equipment and
securely connected them to the cloud. The IoT-enabled equipment now
collect more than a dozen data points for every shot of espresso pulled,
from the type of beans used to the coffee’s temperature
and water quality generating more than 5 megabytes
of data in an eight-hour shift. The data is then aggregated and problems are proactively
identified in the machines. By shifting from reactive
maintenance to a predictive approach heads off issues before they happen meaning Starbucks can brew the
perfect serve every day of the year. Microsoft empowers retailers
of all categories and sizes to reimagine the way they bring
together all aspects of their business from factory to store floor enabling intelligent retail
experiences that customers love.

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