Dealing with door-to-door sales — part one

I don’t understand it. How they just waiting
there. Okay, okay. Sorry. No speaking English. Oh hello, you’re home. It’s James here from
Inter-Tele-World. No speaking English. Sorry. What language do you speak, sir? Italian? Espanola. Buenos dias. Mi amo James. No speaking Espanola. Ah…Greek. Greek only. Kalimera. To onoma moo eene James. No speaking Greek. Chinese. Speak only Chinese. Ni Hao. Wo Jiao James. Okay, okay. Italian only. Buon giorno. Mi chiamo James. These days they hire the people to come to
your house and speak in 20 different languages. But why do they want my money so much? I only
have a little. Ah good morning sir. Buon giorno. Listen Mr… Mr James Turner. Pleased to meet you. Mr Turner, I’m an old man. I do not want
to switch gas. I’m happy with Sunshine Energy and Gas… Well, not so happy, really. Every
year they raise their prices. Please, leave me be. Go and speak to next house. Mr?… Díamico. Mr Díamico, you’re in luck. I’m happy that
you’re happy with your energy supplier. I don’t know the first thing about gas. You
know much more than me. Maybe I should get a job knocking on doors
for Sunshine Energy and Gas. If you’ve got some time to spare though,
I’d like to talk to you about your phone bill. But I’m happy with my phone bill. It comes in
the mail. I open it. I pay it. Well, I just don’t pay it. I think to myself ‘Marcello,
why do you call your family back home in Italy so much? It’s costing you money you don’t
have.’ Uh-oh. Shouldn’t have told him that. Forgive
me, I’m an old man. Sometimes I like to talk. I understand, Marcello. I’m originally from
New Zealand. And although I’ve been here a long time, it’s still important for me
to ring home. To speak to my family. Yes, yes. Family very important. Wives. Children. Of course you’re right. And with Inter-Tele-Worldwide,
we’ve got some good deals on international calls, so that you can make sure family stays
important. For you Marcello, you can call back home to Italy. And I can home to Wellington.
And all for much cheaper than you’d expect. Even I was surprised at how low my phone bill
was. When I saw it I said to myself ‘Now James, you’ve got no excuse not to call home
every day.’ Do you mind if I come in and tell you about how Inter-Tele-Worldwide is
going to help save you money? Am I going to regret this? But I do need to
call home. Speak to my family. Maybe if I sign up, I can call Italy more often. I’ll just listen to him for five minutes and then I’ll tell him to go. Okay, come in. Come in. Marcello, who’s your current telecommunications
provider? Optimum Telco? Australian Telco? Optimum Telco. Well of course you know that Optimum Telco
has to pay a licensing fee to Australian Telco to basically rent their fibre optic land communication
cables and they pass that cost right onto the consumer. That means that the consumer pays
the retailer to borrow from the supplier. Now I’m not saying you should switch your
retailer to the supplier because Australian Telco basically owns the telecommunications
market. Which means they have the market power to set the costs for the other market players.
And they determine the market price in a market they dominate and essentially price-regulate
the market. You understand me? I have no idea what heís talking about. You like saving money don’t you, Marcello? Yes. Everyone does. Good. Because our focus is the customer. You.
We want you to save you money. But what’s all this? It makes sense if you read this first. And
then you just give me your signature here. Ah where? Here. But what am I signing up for? Saving money, Marcello. Ringing Italy. Wait, wait. If you don’t sign now, you won’t be saving
anything. I really need to think about this. Of course, of course. You just sign here,
have a think. And if you want to, give us a call. But what’s in it for me? Read the information pack, Marcello. It’s
all in there. But it’s all in fine print. What did I tell you? He is good. And me? Am
I saving money? Am I sucker?

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