Dalton Williams from Williams Auto Group – ACV Auctions Testimonial

Overall you know we run about 90% of all of our vehicles through ACV and the best thing about it is its consistent process. The vehicles stay on our lot and we trust our our reps. We trust the condition reports. We have a process. The cars don’t move off the lot. And once they’re sold they’re gone. And so it really allows our team to stay focused on their jobs and doesn’t take them off the game. And if there’s a question or concern it’s right here we can handle it on our lot and I like that. So the biggest question mark for us when ACV came to us was, “how is an app going to impact a
traditional auction?” And you know, “what does that fear look like?” And the best thing for us is it made it real that there’s people
actually involved behind the scenes that help us break this trust barrier. This brought clarity, transparency, and then data into the mix in real time. We didn’t have to move the cars, our reps come to us. They’re here when we want working
around our schedule. It really maximizes our time and maximizes our profitability. So I prefer ACV over a traditional auction. When I first got into the business
about say 10 years ago we’d have to send people all over the country to either rep vehicles or purchase. That just didn’t seem right to me. This just has a much broader reach and it’s on our time but it allows us to sell things throughout the
country to anybody that’s willing to look or be live at the time. And at the same time it saves us time and money by just sitting within our dealership
framework but broadcasting the message to the
rest of the country. ACV is pretty simple to use and I think we can take anyone from any generation, really give them a phone and download the app and it’s pretty self-explanatory. The best part about it, anytime you introduce a difficult
learning curve, people give up. You confuse them. I haven’t had anybody really give up with this app. So one of the core values for us at Williams Auto Group is community. When we think of a car auction it doesn’t really fit that model, it’s outside of our community. But the great thing about ACV is they’ve really been a part of
each and anything that we’ve done. We’ve reached out to our reps. They’ve even shown up and handed out candy at our trunk or treats. And things like this are just so
different to us and they’re really coming into our community embracing us as a dealership. And then at the same time giving
back and helping us spread the good word. That really to me puts ACV above and beyond any other vendor that would walk into our show room.

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