Customer Testimonial: Selling your Car with CARRO

It’s a very good platform for sellers if they are going to sell their cars. Extremely convenient, less hassle. The auction process was really amazing. It was much faster than I thought. My name is Killian Pattwell. I work in the finance industry. I’ve been in Singapore for 14 years now. Met my wife here, have 3 kids here. I am Diana. I’ve been in Singapore for about 6 years now. I work as a digital marketer for a media agency. I’m Dennis. I’m working as an interior designer, and I’ve been working here for a few years. Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am a teacher. We decided to sell our car because we are relocating to Denmark for a few years. Actually, I didn’t intend to sell my car in the first place. Because my wife is pregnant with our third child, So to me, now the car is insufficient for everyone to be inside. So it’s a plan to upgrade. Well, as I mentioned, I’m leaving Singapore after 14 years. So as part of the process of winding up my life in Singapore, one of the things is to sell my car. Extremely good. Extremely convenient, less hassle. Nothing really to do. Everything was taken care of. Actually I’ve done my own research, to go through different platforms and as well as different dealers. And I found out that CARRO has a wide data of dealers, And actually it saved me the hassle of going through different dealers one by one. It saved quite a lot of time for me. So far it has been pretty fuss-free. Ya. And the process is pretty fast. The experience was quite amazing. The thing that really struck me was the… marrying of the virtual world with the real world. What I mean by that is… I went online, and within less than 5 mins, someone from CARRO called me to let me know that they have received my application. And it started from there. I was really blown away with the handling of the process. The person who served me, Tony, he was actually very friendly and told me the process is like, what is the procedure, and what are the things that need to be done. So I think it’s quite a pleasant process. I’ve not had such a smooth seamless experience before selling a car. So this is very helpful for people who are looking to sell a car, because you know, we didn’t have to really go through any of the process because everything is taken care of by CARRO.

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