Crossing The Border So We Can RV MEXICO!!!

Ready to go to Mexico? You ready to go to
Mexico? yeah let’s go It’s about 6:30 in the morning pretty early for us here in Laredo, Texas So we’re getting ready to pack up and hit the Mexico border today This is the ceremonious presentation of the walkie talkies… and with these come great responsibility. so… make wise decisions so we got the permit so I want to go
ahead and st ick it in the windshield and then we are headed to our first
destination it’s gonna be about an eight to nine hour driving day for us so
hopefully we have enough daylight left took us about two hours to get through
the whole customs process and get our permits and all that because we had
three couples and three RVs if you’re doing this on your own it would probably
take 30 to 45 minutes for you to get through Yea there’s no ATM back there.. so we shall see. Well Liz is gone to talk to the toll guy So Liz knows the most Spanish out of all of us. So she’s gong to talk to the toll guy because we think we got charged too much
for our toll they’re basically charging us for the RV
and the Jeep separately instead of right so a number of axles that were towing
with yeah so cars like two hundred and fifty pesos and the vehicle would like
four axles as three hundred fifty pesos well so charging us to 350 they charged
us the two 6m oh yeah plus two 350 which is obviously a lot more so we’re just
taking a break cranking up the CRV because it has to be
crunk up every two hundred miles and we got to figure out a way to get pesos
I thought ATMs would be more prevalent but apparently not no refund no that was
the correct price so we are charges become you are RVs are technically
coming ons so whenever we look we need to look at that price but you also have
to pay for that the car so the first brace is the 364 350 or whatever and
then you also pay for the 265 for them so like I’m like the US they don’t give
on the number of axles at all so even though on there is exactly yes so it
says like two to four axles I mean the one vehicle can have up to four axles
and it still pays that price they don’t care that you’re towing them say that –
Camille Delta not a boost which those are technically different because that’s trailer pain they have a trap so they
can’t Harvey Antley the trailer seats they be able to see position today the
only we only paid for the commune price because we don’t have anything right so
you’ll only correct lesson number one if you’re coming to Mexico get your pesos
and stuff ahead of time they no longer accept credit cards on the toll roads so
I delete that stopped January 2019 to make sure you have a lot of pesos
because it’s costing about $30 per toll we’ve already had to borrow about
sixteen hundred pesos from Howard thank God he was smart enough to go get his
pesos before we came into this country because we were in a jam so we’re gonna
try to find an ATM between here the next toll and get paces at that point and
then fill up and keep on I’m gonna feel like a Shylock now it’s
like how much do you eat Amaro so so tio is not that far we can be there by like
3:15 yeah so I think we just stop for the night there because it’s gonna be
dark but with all these stops it’s gonna be dark before you actually get to the
next place anyway so how much money do you guys have left is it exactly it’s 800 give 800 left
okay okay perfect all right so you should
have plenty event okay so we’re just gonna there’s gonna be two toll stops
and we’re just gonna go sell to you and we’ll just run navigate to that hotel
they had all that she said this morning you’re saying it’s three and a half
hours from here to mount viola if we wanted to keep going how are you guys
feeling otherwise I feel fine yeah but the problem is it is two o’clock
well what’s 150 now so life would be five thirty sunset is at 6:30 so we’ll
be like an hour I’m fine with that yeah but we obviously have at least one fuel
stop before we get there well that’s why I’m thinking if I mean the idea was that
this worked out because then we could have fuel and done the same right so
let’s we’ll stop at that first station we just might have to go through one
told the forehead or stop at that first ATM area and then we can find gas there
oh yeah I say ATM first then yes okay okay and I’m gonna map us to the ATM for
so we are stopped yet again we found an ATM at the 7-eleven here so Thomas has
gone inside to see if we can get us some money we are not parked illegally I
don’t think but there was literally nowhere else for us to pull into and
we’re kind of desperate at this point so hopefully we can get some cash here and
then find a gas station and be to where we need to be in the next couple hours
because this has been quite the stressful day okay we found pesos and we
found gas we’re here getting gas now they actually pump it for you so the guy
will come out I think Thomas went in and tried to pay the guy comes out
right now we’ve got 75 litres 1618 pesos that’s what I said 1618 pesos
so basically it’s 21.5 eight pesos cz 21.5 eight pesos per liter wage averages
out to be about four dollars and sixty cents a gallon
roughly we are 208 liters totals
it would be like 40 bucks for us our entire RV quite expensive down here
in Mexico but hopefully it will be worth the expense you’re good also you’re good I don’t know this is gonna be tight this
is gonna be real tight guys just go real slow I don’t know just real slow just go so
slow you’re good so far you’re good doing great come on you’re great beautiful yes next yeah
you’re good just a little bit slow oh my gosh whoa you guys were the
tallest for sure all right so this one is eleven thousand one hundred and forty
two pesos which is like fifty seven dollars
nineteen twenty bucks a night pretty crazy
wait I haven’t done one eleven hundred eleven hundred forty two pesos and I’m
like oh that’s crazy for three nights three nights so it’s electric water and
sewer yeah and Wi-Fi pull shower Selma yeah and a full restaurant nineteen
dollars twenty bucks yeah thank God that trip is over it was
definitely a long day it was a fun day I loved the walkie talkies because it
helped pass the time it was a lot quicker it felt like then if Thomas and
I would have done that trip by ourselves so long 12-hour day happy to be at the
RV site we’re gonna go ahead and call it a night for now you you

63 comments on “Crossing The Border So We Can RV MEXICO!!!

  1. Hope you have a blast! I’ll have to watch this adventure. How much did they charge to cross?
    I always wanted to do the pan American Highway. Are you guys headed to one of the camp places North Americans go?


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  3. Driving across the border there is a lot more complicated than walking across at Los Algodones near Yuma.
    Hope you have a great time.

  4. Soooo very helpful, i'm watching all three of your groups video uploads. my wife and i are going to be snowbirding in the next year or so in a 35 foot bounder with a tow dolly… carry lots and lots of peso's is what i've learned so far…… we were in Los Barriles down the Baja this January 2020, and fuel was 20 or 21 peso's a litre for our little Mexican rental car….. i worked it out to @ $1.50 CDN a litre at that time…

  5. This may be days old, But I sure your stress level has dropped down a bunch. Please stay safe in mexico. Thank you much for sharing and I hope you all enjoy your day/Night.

  6. The gentleman lending you pesos made a Shakespeare reference! I think Shylock was from the Merchant of Venice, but I could be wrong. Anyway, hope you guys have lots of fun on the trip, and I'll be watching every video. (Check out the high-gloss finish on the kitchen table at 7:02 … you guys did an awesome job with that and the other wood accents you added to the interior!) Am excited to see what happens next!

  7. Beware of atm overcharges. Don't agree to conversion transaction. Your fees could be close to 100.oo . You can still withdraw without accepting and your fee will be 5-6 dollars. Use atm in bank if possible

  8. Oh the drama! I was cringing on that clearance!
    Side note: Ali can think of is Super Troopers “Any you boys been to Me-heecooo?”

  9. Congratulations 🎉 I hope you have all the fun. Seeing everyone driving under that over hang made me hold my breath. Lol!! Are the three RV's diesel or gas? Are both types of fuel available?

  10. So happy to see you two spread your wings outside the US. This is going to be awesome. Mexico is a heckuva place for a shakedown trip.

  11. That axle , tow vehicle explanation sounds like B.S., just a convenient way to fleece the tourists. Why is fuel so high? I don't see myself ever going through the hassle. Especially if you don't speak Spanish. Good luck to you guys!

  12. Thanks for taking us along. May you meet only warm and wonderful people in Mexico everywhere you go. So many good people down there.

  13. Stacy & Tom, I'm a big fan and look forward to your videos. Please error on the safe side, as explained in Trent & Allie's YouTube videos in Mexico & South America, the locals will quote you one price, and say you handed them a 5 instead of the 50 denomination bill. Have a witness watching every transaction/slight of hand, and correct any conversion rate up-sizing during money exchanges. You'll probably get " gouged " a few times, but will learn from it. According to Trent & Allie, you'll finally relax and go with the flow into an enjoyable experience. Watch each other's back, and watch your valuables/laptops/cell phones/, anything that can be quickly snatched and run type theft activities. Leave nothing visible or unattended. Enough ( of my Fatherly Advice, I'm old already ), you Guys Have Got This, you're well disciplined and super resourcefully smart/tough. Best of luck. Always, Syn Silver !!!

  14. you are correct , when your going to mexivco get pesos first. for american money carry lots of cash in small bill mainly ones and fives.. tens and twenty are hard to break till you get to a tourist town. also a long cb antenna to the mirrors like big rrigs for clearance. you could aslo use a reverse camera on the roof.

  15. Glad you all made it safe. Myself, who has lived in 2 different countries besides the states and has been around the world several times can empathize with the exchange thing as well as the difference in language and culture.

  16. Greetings to both of you! Great video!
    Thomas, your diesel engine in the RV seems to be idling awful high.

    Have you had that looked at?

    A high idle can put additional stress on the brakes, especially going down steep grades and in city traffic.
    Someday we hope to RV down to Mexico also. Hope you have a great time.

    All the best, and safe travels! 🙂


  17. Why? With vast amount of places to go in the US you deside to cross the boarder to Mexico, talk about asking for trouble. I don't understand the reason to put yourself in that situation, where anyhing can happend and you will have no recourse. Even with a ex policy officer and a weapon on board you just asking for it, and yes anything can happend even in the US territory but there you have no laws, not a smart trip, good luck.

  18. If you are considering travels outside of the United States, consult the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory for the particular country you will visit / travel. The travel information provided by the State Dept. into Mexico is specific and extensive. Exercise caution and vigilance while traveling there.

    Mexico Travel Advisory

    Travel Advisory

    December 17, 2019Mexico – Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution

  19. Make sure you check with your insurance co. State Farm no longer covers any travel in Mexico. It cost me $400 for 10 days full coverage.

  20. Great Video! I'm really looking forward to following all of you "RVamigos" throughout your time in Mexico
    As to diesel fuel cost it seems very cheap to me as the lowest diesel price I can get in Norfolk UK[most countys are more expensive] is $7.57 a US gallon. Diesel price has been around that level for several years in the UK.
    Also the US Gov. advises y'all to Exercise "Increased Caution" due to "Terrorism" in my Country The UK, which I find very sad because absolutly no one overhere would ever bother about it and just go about their day normally. Guns are gemerally illegal overhere unless someone has a specific need such as shotgun licence for Farmers, competition shooting etc even our Standard Police force do not carry guns.

  21. Hey guys, loving watching your videos have safe travels in Mexico, been there many times – especially Cancun – its beautiful – Lance from Canada

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