Cross-Sell Complimentary Products to Buyers with eBay Email Marketing | by 3Dsellers

Hey everybody! Aaron here from 3Ssellers. Let’s go over how you can use email marketing
to cross-sell complimentary products So if a buyer buys a cell phone, perhaps we’d like to suggest, maybe a case, or some headphones to go along with that purchase. So we’ll go to messages. Now you can edit a message that you already have or you can create a new
message. We’ll scroll down to sending rules
and cross-promotion settings. Here
in sending rules we’ll select send message when items have the following
rules. Click ‘Add Rule.’ Now you can target specific items
with an item ID or an SKU or with an item title, but for this case I would like to send a message
for ANY cell phone and that is purchased So I will select the category of smartphones and then I’ll go to Cross-Promotion
Settings Now you can choose to cross-promote
items that have specific titles or contain a specific keyword in the title, or you can show specific items
to your customers. Now I’m going to use an SKU and so I will type in the SKU for my phone charger and press ENTER to add the tag and then my phone case and my
headphones There we are! Now after saving, when a buyer purchases a smartphone from me, email marketing will suggest a phone
charger, a phone case, and a pair of headphones
within my inventory to the buyer. This will increase sales and increase my repeat buyers. Thank you very
much for watching this quick overview of email marketing and how you can use it to cross-sell complementary products to your buyers Have a great day

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