Cotton Candy : Selling Cotton Candy

Now that you know how to make it, you might
want to decide to go into business and make it and then sell it. It’s a pretty profitable
way to make a buck, and if you think about it, about if you’re going to sell a cotton
candy cone it’s usually about, it takes an ounce to make a cone. One to two ounces, and
that will be, come down to about fifty cents per cone cost of just the floss sugar. Now,
if you have one of these cones as well, and you, these are come out to about sixteen cents
each, so you’re out about, you know, what; how much did I say? Fifty cents, plus sixteen,
so you’ve got to make a, you’ve got to charge at least double that to make enough money
to cover your costs, because you’ve also got the cost of a cotton candy machine rental
or if you’ve bought one. So, just make sure that you’re charging enough to make it worth
your time, because you’ve got your labor, and that you don’t want to just be giving
away. So, go ahead and charge like two dollars or more for a cotton candy cone, because it’s
the unique item, and you can’t get it everywhere. So it’s, since it’s such a great thing, like
just charge enough for it so people know that what they want; they’re getting what they

19 comments on “Cotton Candy : Selling Cotton Candy

  1. I thought the review was informative, and you guys saying she f….. & a S…… should be ashamed of yourselves. What does your mom think of you being that rude to women, as thats as close as you will get to one!

  2. This is where the script writer and director for this segment FAILED, along with the editor. This scene should have been cut and re-done because she was under pressure to outline facts she was not coached on. Even if she cannot add or subtract, it is the job of the writer, and director to make sure the content and subject are clearly expressed, even with an unskilled actor.

  3. There was no writer or director for this segment and I am not an actor, I work in a party store! I was asked to do this on the spot, I realize now I should have said no. But how was I to know people would get so worked up about a 1 minute video on selling cotton candy!?

  4. Stephanie,
    My objective was to defend you in this video. I noticed the negative commentaries and I was pointing out that you were indeed placed on the spot.

    I liked the video and I though you did a good job under the circumsttances. Sorry if I misunderstood. I did not mean to offend you…

  5. This video needed a retake. This isn't a hater comment, just when making a video, people make mistakes and it sometimes need multiple. Like this one

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