Cordelia, muling nakiusap kay Ulysses para pagbigyan si Leo | Sandugo (With Eng Subs)

– Hi, love!
– Hello. I already talked to Hugo. Miss Rosa already
picked the recruits for the upcoming exhibit. Here you go again, trying to make up for
your son’s mistakes. Come on, love. You can’t blame Leo
for what happened. I’m sure the operation
would still be busted no matter who you
assign for the job. There’s a mole within
the organization. You should blame the
traitor instead, not Leo. You can’t keep covering
for your son’s mistakes. Give Leo another chance. Let him take over the exhibit. The operation at the hotel
was a success, remember? And it was all thanks to Leo. He even helped you build
connections with your bosses. But Leo’s getting
too rusty for the job. He’s too distracted. His mind is somewhere else. I can’t risk losing this deal. But love… Can’t you give it
another thought? If not Leo, then who else can you trust to handle a huge
transaction like this? Who’s the man for the job? Don’t tell me it’s JC. He betrayed your son. He befriended Leo… …only to steal his position
in the organization. If your son does his job well, he wouldn’t have lost it
in the first place! He’s stupid. Ms. Dolor, have you seen Grace? No. What’s wrong, dear? I heard her talking
to him on the phone. Why are you asking? Didn’t you
two have a falling out? Thanks, anyway. Hey, Melissa, wait! Aren’t you going in? I’ll just stay here.
I can’t let anyone see me. Okay. Thanks for driving me home. And for your time.

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