Contact Import – Zipwhip Web App 2.0 Tutorial Videos

[MUSIC PLAYING] Now that you have text-enabled
your landline number, you’re probably ready to
start texting your customers. This video will cover how
to import existing customer contact information into
the Zipwhip web app. In the web app, click
the Contacts tab on the left navigation bar
to open the Contacts page. To add a single contact, click
the orange Add Contact button. Here you can enter the contact’s
name, phone number, and notes. Clicking on More will open
additional contact fields so you can track further
details about your contact. Users also have the option
to import contact lists using a CSV Excel template. The template contains columns
with details identical to those in the web app. To download the template, click
the Import Contacts button, and select the blue
CSV Template link. Once you have your
template filled out and are ready to upload
your contact list, select the template and drag and
drop the file into the web app. Click Import to begin
the upload process. When the upload
process is finished, your contacts will
populate on the page. The search bar allows you to
filter by name or phone number. Clicking on a contact will give
you the option to Edit Fields, Go to Conversation, Block,
or Delete the contact. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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