how could they let it get like this! how could they take and take and take until the earth had nothing left to give pretty selfish if you ask me take a look around in my backyard but what if this isn’t all that’s left what if there was a fallback plan what humanity had a second chance this is the solution this is our only so this is our only solution it’s time we rebirth the world it’s time to create a new Eden who knows if it still exists who knows if it ever did but if there is paradise out there I’ll find it well hello there everyone so yes here it is the cover revealed haha so this is the cover of my book children of eden which I’m so proud of and so obsessed with evan love wet on the cover it’s gorgeous I know I live I die, so I hope you enjoyed the cover reveal video this video doesn’t really have to i’m just going to keep this up for your enjoyment on that video doesn’t really have too much to do with what my book is about it’s almost like a prequel to my book that was kind of just whipping scenes and everyone’s heads about how we’re destroying the world and this is actually after the world is destroy what’s left of humanity actually is surviving in this city called Eden where there are some extreme loss put in place such as and families can only have one child each so resources don’t diminish and it follows a girl named Rowand whose form the twin and because of something about her brother i’m not going to spoil you she is considered the second-born of the tools and she has to stay hidden because her family wants to still keep both children and she’s basically a prisoner in her own house now this was actually inspired by the China the China’s Chinese one-child policy which doesn’t exist anymore but i don’t know i mean just thinking of how I first see the future of the world if we were ever put in this situation it would be obvious that population had to be controlled so anyways this is only a small portion of what whole book is it’s a lot more than that but it’s following this journey of Rowan and kind of just her figuring out like where she fits in this world that basically she’s marked as death if she ever caught bound she’d be a goner so it’s it’s a really fun story and she goes off on an adventure that hopefully you guys by reading and we’ll go body adventure with her and I’m so excited it’s been something that I’ve been working so hard on for probably the past two years I’m conceptual an internal process so it really means a lot to me and I so freaking excited for you guys to read it and I mentioned this before I really really desperately want this to get turned into a movie and someday like that is my goal ever since like I was younger I don’t even know what age i am i’ve been so obsessed with the idea being in a movie that was turned from a book to movie like Hunger Games Maze Runner divergent ready player one like those type of things i can always been like oh my god youtube and the whole good i love the book so much so since thats never happened probably won’t happen i decided to take it into my own hands and create my own book that hopefully can get turned into a movie and a way that you can help make my dream come true is by pre-ordering this lovely gorgeous book because I don’t like allow you to talk about this but pre-sales are pretty important to a book success they all count for the first day of sales and depending on how many sales your book gets will place you on a list all the New York Times bestseller list and whichever book gets the most sales higher up on the list so let’s say children even his number one of New York’s but soloist when I go to pitch it for a movie I can’t be like oh it was that everyone your attention let’s make it a truck that’s just a little dream, big dream I have and if you want to help support me and also get a really cool story in the process please click the link down below pre-order my book and I another thing that pre-orders will help is it will determine where i can go on for so the publisher is the one who sets up before I have been telling now I want to go to our so bad please take me all over the world but they can’t because there’s so many different variables that go into booking a tour the bookstore’s need to see sales in order to accommodate me to be there so if you want me in your town or state your country please you order my book it will help me get to you so we can take a picture meet and all that fun stuff so again i’ll put the link down below where you can pre-order but it comes out october 4 so if you don’t pre-order at go to a place a bookstore and go and buy it and I have another video coming out on the day of the release which is a short film of the first chapter which will be really fun and exciting filming that couple days so craziness of anyways if you enjoyed these little trailer video please give this video a thumbs up and yeah i’ll see you all tomorrow good dame bey

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  1. Can someone please help me? I lost finished but lost book one and I'm reading book 2 right now but I can remember why Lark and Rowan fought in book 1. Which is leaving gaps in book 2 for me.
    Can someone please tell me why Lark and Rowan fought in book 1?

  2. Want Joeys books for free? Download very dice. Use friend code 1608048. Play to get tickets. Get stuff from Amazon for FREEEEE ๐Ÿ™‚ It's addicting and legit!

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  11. To be honest when I was smaller I already realized all of this and I was desperate to save the earth but it canโ€™t be helped there will always be a other person who will disagree and itโ€™s to late to stop it…

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