Captains Auction Warehouse Day 2 Arcade Game Auction Sale

Alright guys, this is the day to offering From the captain’s auction warehouse You need a pizza warmer they have those, too I’m gonna go down one side then back up the other and Give you a fair preview of everything that’s here for day two We are in Southern, California Anaheim to be exact And we are previewing the captain’s auction warehouse here for their spring sale of 2018 There’s a piece that we are interested in for the price zone Wheel dealextreme kind of big, but we have a spot for it Here are some really cool. Skee-ball type games, but they are short I don’t think they’re eight feet deep which would be good for us also alley-oop and Grande allée Big basketballs There’s another piece we might be interested in and we’re gonna We’re gonna preview it in the morning and see how well this works the bugs bought catcher you put Prizes in those little round four-inch capsules you scoop them up If you get them down that ramp, I think you’re awarded that stuff And then it looks like it’s a self refilling game, which is important for? Don’t need to keep filling it during a busy Saturday afternoon Aliens you know that one from our arcade Tank that is an interesting piece look how colorful Wow Namco they never are short on the graphics We’ve still Still have interest in a Deal or No Deal. We haven’t been able to bio on for the price We want to pay however. It’s a fun game Kind of a battle of the minds to our hero Big bucks look at the size of this guy Jurassic Park That is a monster. That’s the size of a car just like The Walking Dead That is literally the size of a delivery van Alright here’s some redemption stuff We may have interest but on the way by a nice original defender table boy really clean two Photo booth some chairs Boink Other wheel of fortune transformers Always have some interesting stuff up here by the auction podium here this week, it’s Looks like wood carved Animals and There’s a Marlin there they call those swordfish and hang on the wall if you’re a fisherman Indian motorcycle blocks replicas of some kind Some interesting guitars You never know what you might find here, there’s a lady there Without her head There’s one of my all-time favorites here. We’ll catch on the way by silver ball mania All right guys. Here’s the pinball row? funhouse great great great piece Simpsons, we have interest in as well as Family Guy coming up We could use one of these For our family arcade Once in a while you even see brand-new pin balls here. There’s one there in the box State bulb deluxe version two bought a few of those in the day Bally speakeasy Horrible playing game if I remember right pin bot comment a great game With the millions a million point ramp shot Shack might have been the worst playing got we’ve ever built It just was not a good playing game Street Fighter 2 similar not very good Mario’s, okay gladiators never played Turtles good game data, East That was a pinball company that should not have gone out of business Spy Hunter early Bally the games that was horrible – It’s another comet Then we get into the electromechanical games Jumping jack Buccaneer Atlantis a great game Skill pool Williams probably early 60s as my guest don’t know for sure Somebody could Google that tell me what year it is Williams skill pool reverse wedge. Head my guess is 1961, but if you can comment me and Tell me the exact year Ninja Turtles Marvel vs.. Capcom now. That’s a good-looking piece. That’s a good-looking piece. We could use that Reactor looks fun, but I have no idea what you do here reactor I think you try and Flip a coin or token into that that little slot pig-out never seen one of those a speed demon we have Sure keys treasure Tiger bowl Poppet gold we were thinking about buying one of those the problem is when that balloon pops. It scares the heck out of everybody That’s standing around so we Decided against that one Slammin winter we have o stack it look at this. This is some kind of version of stacker What’s bye la la I games too? We may be a contender on this one? Super bonus super bonus level win level we are definitely a better on this Stacker is a great great earner for us flip to win Wheel of Fortune if we could find one of these it was really a good worker we would set one up on nickels And here’s another one of those big beasts Will deal Xtreme we really like that alright last roll here guys of day to stuff Lots of those 6000 won changers guys to we’re a distributor That’s our line if anybody ever needs any help with American changers We give a great discount on parts as well as the complete unit so Just message us little shameless plug for us one of these Benchmark ticket stations has got to have our name on it because we are due to update our fleet We’ve got a couple separate units, but we’d like to save the floor space and get one Space ace was the sequel to dragon’s lair same cabinet Watch some really nice classics in this row guys. I’m just going to go down and let you enjoy them Here is an interesting conversion in a wood cabinet Must have been someplace that Didn’t want conventional styling video games, so they built a wood cabinet around it boy. What a lot of work you imagined Nice Galaga Street Fighter two’s everybody became a millionaire by operating that game SuperMario Tons of good classics here in this sale guys That’s about the last row guys We will have some footage tomorrow when this stuff is on and Stay tuned for now Nevada arcade out

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