Cabin Fever Expo 2020- Auction and Model Engineering show

Hey it’s Pete welcome back. Doing
something just a little bit different today Heading to Lebanon Pennsylvania
for the 24th annual cabin fever Expo it’s a model engineering show and
auctions and this is the first morning of the show which means that it’s auction day
and it is setup day for the vendors and exhibitors this show was formerly held at the York
fairgrounds in York Pennsylvania and when it was there
I attended it fairly frequently but I haven’t been to it since its moved to
Lebanon so I’m not sure exactly what we’re gonna find
as far as the layout of the show goes [Auctioneer chanting] They must have had several tons of small
gasoline engines up for auction this year The auction was divided up into several
different areas from the small gas engines to antique toys, woodworking
tools, railroad memorabilia, and then a section of metalworking equipment Now the cabin fever Expo is where I
picked up the DynaMite mill about five or six years ago that I’ve been
converting to the Centroid Acorn The metalworking tools part of the
auction is what caught most of my attention, unfortunately I had to leave
before they actually got to that part. This Pratt & Whitney horizontal milling
machine, it really caught my attention. I kept going back to it They actually had two of them, both with
collet sets and a vertical attachment. really would have liked to have taken
one of these home, unfortunately I had to leave before the auction made it back
to this section. I really regret that. There’s also a consignment area at the
expo. You just show up with your item and pick the price, they will stick a tag on
it for you and try to sell it on your behalf as I mentioned at the beginning this was
the first day so folks were still setting up. Not everybody was in place
but by my count there were at least three exhibit halls of models- everything
from steam engines, to gas engines, to trains
anything in between There’s also a large section of RC
controlled vehicles boats and construction equipment, trucks and things
of that nature this is a pretty large show. from what I
can tell it fills the entire expo center here and as it was Friday some of the
vendors were still setting up. I didn’t get to see all of them
but there were a few in place well that’s been just a quick walk around
the cabin fever Expo for 2020 like I said something just a little bit different from me and I hope
you enjoyed it as always please Like, Share, Subscribe, Comment down below- and I will catch you next week

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  1. A quick overview of the Cabin Fever Expo 2020. Still wish I could have taken home one of those little horizontal milling machines!

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