Buying your first rifle

Hello and welcome again to SSAA TV. Do you remember buying your first car? Well,
like buying your first rifle, it’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life,
especially if it’s brand new. In this video we’ll look at the things you
should consider when making that all-important purchase. So, let’s go shopping. Rifles, as we can clearly see, come in all
shapes and sizes but it’s the type of action that is the main distinguishing feature. There are lever-action repeaters, slide- or
pump-action, and single-shots such as this break-action rifle. But the most common rifle around is the tried
and true bolt-action, and that’s the one we’ll focus on today. The underlying consideration for choosing
a new firearm, of any type, is that it must suit the purpose. Now that might sound pretty simplistic but that’s effectively what it comes down to. Cosmetic appearance and brand can be a big
factor for some people but don’t let that get in the way of the important technical factors. These are some of the choices you need to
make: Obviously calibre, barrel length, weight, stock fit and comfort, and ease of loading
and handling. For left-handed shooters, there are plenty
of rifles available too, which is certainly better than fumbling around with a right-handed version. If you’re hunting, the calibre is probably
the most important consideration. The calibre has to be appropriate and legal
for the animal you’re targeting. Have a look at SSAA’s Comprehensive Guide
to Shooting and Hunting. It outlines the current regulations. Also, choose a calibre where the ammunition
is plentiful or, if you decide to load your own, ensure the reloading equipment and components
are readily available. Apart from what you intend to hunt, consider
the terrain and distances you’re going to be shooting over. Are you walking or waiting
in a hide? Maybe you’re spotlighting. These things will determine the choice of calibre,
rifle weight and so on. Well, if you’re going to be shooting in
country like this, where you’re going to be spending most of your time walking, you wouldn’t want a rifle that was terribly heavy in the barrel, or in its overall weight. And you’d be looking at something that was capable at taking out game out to a couple of hundred metres at least. In more open country you could go for a much
heavier barrelled rifle, especially if you were working off the bonnet of a truck or
actually shooting out of a truck or even spotlighting where you can use it at longer ranges. My recommendations for that would be something
like a .223 or a .22-250, provided you were only working with smaller game. If you were going up into the larger game
like pigs and goats or deer, then obviously you need to look at heavier calibres and probably with a preference for a .270 or .308 because it gives you a bit better reach, especially
if it comes to cross-gully shots. However, if you’re choosing a rifle for
target shooting, you have the advantage of being able to meet and talk to likeminded people at the range who are shooting the same discipline that you’re planning to shoot. Most matches, using off-the-shelf hunting rifles, have requirements that may narrow your choice. Make sure you’re familiar with
the rules of the particular match in terms of rifle specifications. For example, choosing a rifle with a four-shot
magazine, when the match calls for five shots, although perfectly legal, may put you at a
distinct disadvantage, particularly where there’s a time limit. So when you do come into the gunshop, it’s best to have a clear idea of exactly what it is you need. Now where this exercise of buying your first
rifle can get a bit tricky is if you want to use one rifle for target shooting at the range, and for various hunting situations as well. However, there are plenty of excellent off-the-shelf
models that will easily allow you to do this. Well I’ve got what I came for. Thanks for watching SSAA-TV and we’ll see
you next time.

19 comments on “Buying your first rifle

  1. Hey SSAA, glad you guys are doing these videos. I'm very new to the sport, and Youtube is where I get all my info 🙂

  2. My first was a Lithgow arms cross over 22 .. my second a Remington vsf 223 .. not only did i find your video helpful for my first but even my second and probably third and many more lol thank you hope to see more videos too 😊

  3. I am looking for a gun. I don't know what to get. I want one for hunting, mostly Pigs, Kangaroos and Deer. Soon i would like to shoot Ducks and Birds. i am only young so i don't want something heavy. were i shoot it is open with no trees and some parts there are trees. I don't know much about guns but i think i want a rifle.
    ps. was there a gun in that case in the last bit

  4. Just a tip, maybe look at aiming these sort of videos to the younger generation. They are the future of shooting after all once we all kick the bucket.

  5. I'll be one of those first time buyers in just a few years, when the kids have left home. Thanks for the clip.

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