buying my first car! (range rover) vlog & car tour

Hey guys, what’s up its Hanna. So as you can tell by the title and That I’m in the car today’s video is going to be about how and why I got a Range Rover at 17 And I don’t want to make it like super dramatic, um ever since I posted the tooth video I just I don’t know. I like sharing my experiences with you guys and I like you guys to live through it with me I don’t know. I just wouldn’t feel right. If I didn’t like make a video about this. It’s not a flex video at all It’s explaining why I got it and how I got I’ll get into it throughout the video But for now, I’m going to show the clips of me actually looking at the car So right now I’m at a dealership and brought you to look at Range Rover and it’s very nice. Okay, I just saw it and I’m like shucks. There. She is. Oh wow What the heck are you kidding me this is so Cool. Oh This is literally heaven. What? Oh, my this is insane. Look what the heck like What the heck? Oh my god Oh My god This is so nice, I’m seriously, like forgetting how to drive he was explaining all the features to me and So beautiful. I don’t even feel like I’m deserving to drive this right now. Let’s turn the volume down here even the fun Is this so nice, okay, so I think I just put my foot in and twisted. All right, here we go. Oh my god Just just drive like you’re being tested right now, okay. I don’t really like how nicest car is Yeah, now you need to start talking negative. You know, what are we allowed to drive with those things up? Yeah, it’s not to make sure you double check its show like why and I’m like scared brother Yeah, you do cuz they’re gonna get a rush-hour traffic here, I mean there’s looking at old cars, this is such a nice car oh My gosh. Oh my god. Wait Slow it down. Slow it down and go get their life lane slow down. It’s got a nice acceleration first time I know but it’s just got such fast acceleration and you never want to go over the double yellow lines. I’m nervous It’s like pretty good braking like it’s easy breaking Oh I don’t like that. That’s a That’s why it’s called that’s for sure let’s go to foot job slow it down Take a supercharged. What is that for like when you rob a bank or something? mmm, why would you need that when you’re late picking here, don’t you cuz that’s oh my god you on your way to the Loo mean you’re coming Yeah, so little update let’s see if this works for vlogging a real test if I get the car Dude I can plan has got to call you out. I feel like a peasant driving us. I’m gonna make her So after I looked at the car I did some really deep thinking even before I went to the look at the car I was not sure. I wanted a Range Rover I didn’t want people to be like oh You’re just a basic youtuber doing this in this or oh you’re trying to flex it Are you trying to whatever and then personally for me? I was like do I even like deserve the size of a car and all my friends all my family? Everyone was like Hanna you’ve worked your butt off for this. This has been your favorite This is not my favorite car like for the longest time like so anyways I just wanna let you guys know that definitely like contemplated getting this because I thought maybe people would hate on this and I Didn’t really think like if I got another car that wasn’t as nice I wouldn’t feel as uncomfortable Making a video for it But since it is such like a luxurious Car and there’s just something about it that made me really uncomfortable and although I’m obsessed with the car Although I loved literally everything about it and I’ve worked my butt off to get here I still was like well, I don’t know how people are gonna react I really did contemplate it and then I decided after I test drove it that I wanted the car so throughout the whole week I was begging my mom. I was like, can we please go back to the dealership by the way? I got the car at gr Auto Gallery, if any guys live in Michigan, they have like classic cars tons and tons as you could tell by the clips But yeah, that’s where I got my car and I just I really really wanted to get it So my mom kept saying no, we’ll go this day will go this day and then I was just like alright What am I gonna get the car? Because I would ask her every day this day would work for her because if you’re 17 You have to have a parent sign too. And so keep in mind Okay, I don’t want to get too much into money and stuff but like my mom used like my company car to buy the car and essentially why it’s nice to have like a nice car is Because it’s like a work car and it’s like a write-off for taxes because like this is the first year I’m gonna be getting hit with taxes really hard and it’s all new to me But yeah, so I came home from school one day and I walk into the garage and my car is just in dirt Viii car was sitting there and so she had used a company card It’s not really like that important how it got paid for it I just wanna let you guys know that my mom had no part in pain for this like it was all my money So I just wanted to clear that up. Oh, yeah now let’s get into those clips My new parking oh My god, we’re going to oh my god, I’m literally like nervous because I don’t want people at school, okay Well, I’m excited because all my friends knew that like this was happening But like at the same time, whatever I’m gonna have to drive it to school. Anyways, I just don’t want people to like Huh My god, dude, dude, DeRay. Oh My god camera spot better than the other one. Yeah, this is what the camera for. This is so good Oh Yeah, this is my car, um, just my new whip uh-huh, what the heck Laughs that’s a year. I should be up to 50. Okay. I’m just trying to connect the Bluetooth here know what you think You’re gonna get there. No, I know because if you don’t bumpin, yeah Like every don’t like if we don’t want to the point And she was like, oh dude I feel so weird right now, okay, look you Know how do you like it Andrew? Ah guys, this is Ella’s first time in the car I’m like this acting like I’ve had it for a while like it’s our first time in my car you gotta feel like tell me ours – baby baby – Pretty Stupid yeah after I got the car drove around in it a lot with my friends and had a lot of fun with my friend cause it is a v8 supercharged Range Rover and the year is 2015 I’m gonna do like a car tour for you guys. You can see everything though. Yeah roll those clips Andrew is throws hotdogs her own Baby I’ll let you go buddy. No, you’re not getting them. All right. Okay, anyways, so first we have the door, that’s awesome The buttons are up here, which is really weird. Always think that these are you guys Alright, no uber is over, Toby Toby you’re here. You’ve arrived at your destination so Whatever. This is called window answers buttons are right here No, I think you see investors are the you know window thing, you know window thing So I like always click these but they’re up here We have like this boozy little like thing that no one really cares about because nothing’s gonna go in there I don’t know what that is here. We have step stool step stool. Okay my car so dirty I need to get it clean. We have the steering wheel all these features. There’s a steering wheel heater. There’s cruise control That’s so idiotic. Some light some windshield wipers beautiful at night inch of them really That whatever okay, so here we have all the controls I’ll show you guys this at night So in here I have some money just in case for emergencies It’s like literally twelve bucks, but you know doesn’t get anything happens and your car doesn’t work or something I don’t know. We’ve got aqua for some face wipes lotion advil have a couple Protein bars just in case I don’t really know I get hungry some sunglasses a hairbrush little hairbrush a scrunchie You know, oh we’ve got dry shampoo I’ve never used any of this and I’m trying to feel like a month foot and some hand sanitizer and that’s about this is for charging and music and then like this is kind of so this has like like That’s just about compartment. But look, this is like a secret little oh my god. That’s that’s why I Crazy after that. We just have the back of the car I don’t know if you like card details or car tours that I like super detailed are a little bit boring But I still show you guys like this part at night because there’s a special feature got to see it onto the night bar Whoa, it changes colors Okay, so long story short really debated on getting this car even though it’s my dream car and I’ve earned it and I debated on Making a video and I was like no, I don’t want to do that That’s the same thing as a tooth situation Like I didn’t want to hide that from you guys like you are the ones who helped me get the car supporting me Literally like did this so. Why would I hide it from you guys? Like I bought my dream car at literally seventeen and I know Ellie made like a very similar video about this but we both got a dream cars this year I guess it also has a lot to do with taxes believe it or not like a lot to do with taxes So, please don’t leave any rude comments because like that would just be disappointing Okay, you have a dream car and you work your butt off probably feel the same way. And guess what? You still get your dream car? You still can work your butt off? I’ve been doing YouTube for five years and there’s been a ton of ups and downs and you Guys sticking by me and supporting me no matter how my contents changed means so much to me and I literally cannot even express my gratitude like you guys are the reason for this car your support just means literally everything and again I also don’t want to make this video too big of a deal but it kind of is a big deal for me So yeah. Anyways, you guys will be seeing a lot a lot of fun car videos in here I’ve already been vlogging on my main channel. If you didn’t know I am doing vlogmas and it’s been so fun. Like I Love this car and I have a lot of it in the blogs if you aren’t already watching the baldness So yeah, that’s it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed I love you, and I will see you tomorrow if you’re watching vlogmas, but hopefully see him Remember, I’m posting on Twitter and Instagram every day – Okay. Bye guys I’m so stupid Like a wedge Oh my god Oh Yeah, I just came here to show you my new F, oh, thank you. All right. I like a dress by the way

100 comments on “buying my first car! (range rover) vlog & car tour

  1. First off congrats on buying your own car! I bet you had worked hard 👏🏻 This is random but is it a used car cause I’m debating if I should get a used car or not?

  2. Awe!! Congrats!! U deserve💓 when I bought my dream car I told no one just for the same reasons u didn't Wana get the rover! But you know what who cares wut anyone thinks worked hard for what YOU want!! Good for you…👍😍

  3. Stop it guys at least she worked really hard to get it i have a jeep and i didn't pay a dollar on i feel stupid and like a baby that her mom buy her stuff ughh

  4. My dream car is a Toyota RAV4 I’m definitely going to buy an older version like 2013 but I’m looking for a job at the age that I am it’s a bit difficult but I know that I can do it☺️

  5. We’re all about to die from global warming, but sure buy your huge ass fucking Range Rover cuz you need that much of the space

  6. I have a jeep and I'm 16 and I felt the same way you did when you didn't want to show it off at school, so its nice to know that someone felt the same way

  7. It’s okay to be share things you are proud of, you shouldn’t care what people think! I know it’s easier said than done but share all of your proudest moments.

  8. “As Is no warranty” has me concerned. Those cars are great if you can afford the repair costs. Never buy a used range rover without a warranty bro.

  9. There is no reason in the world why a 17 year old girl should have a RangeRover. I have daughters and I feel the same way about them doing the same thing. This is definitely a flex video. You didn't need to have that car. If you had a regular car and worked toward this one it would mean alot more. Smh. This is the definition of being materialistic.

  10. Ahhh yes Range Rover they are some of the biggest pieces of shit ever I know someone who bought one brand new and went on the free way about 20 minutes in he heard a loud pop and he couldn’t press on the gas anymore the gear was stuck in place and a head gasket blew that’s sad you pay that much for a car brand new and it breaks down not even 24 hours of owning it

  11. I know I am late but bitch you need to stop acting like you don't want that got damn car shit I want a rang Rover stop acting all that

  12. That's beautiful…but what exactly is that particular model…I'm looking to get the Range Rover Evoque. Yours looks slightly different from the model I'm getting but yours is very beautiful and u look absolutely adorable in it!

  13. Some advice. Don’t care or give a shit of others negative opinions. You do you what you want with your money and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

    Good choice on not buying a new one👍 Congrats!

  14. first a jeep now a range rover wow girl go for your dreams im thinking of a mercedes g wagon when im older but i need to save by that i mean make my parents buy it lmao

  15. Range Rover those are junk, let's be honest, maintenance sucks, old technology, nope. LMAO, especially how much they cost an then they depreciate so badly one of the highest vehicles

  16. sorry but i have to say it she only shows all the way down her SELF and girl i came her to watch the car THATS WHAT THE TITLE SAYS! yeah is interesting you show up your – self with the car but go ahead and make us right the tutorial. 11 min sHowing her reactionS and 1 min showing the CAR!

  17. Your humble spirit is Beautiful, don't dull down your shine because fear of people's opinion and thoughts that's a trap!

  18. You are very smart and fortunate to have a beautiful car at a young age . It is very smart to get a car as business write off as well. Good luck the Range Rover is nice. And looks really safe..

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